At this time of year it’s hard not to let your mind drift back to the players that Spurs almost signed. Moutinho, Willian, that letter from Rivaldo… it’s pretty heartbreaking stuff.

So much so that the clever lads at SpurredOn have written a sing about the phenomenon. Well, when we say ‘written’, we mean ripped off a Beautiful South classic and changed the lyrics.



  1. Sums it up perfectly. I was so optimistic when Levy and ENIC first came in. There’s been too many false and broken promises now. Once again Mr “Penny Wise Pound Foolish” is promising major signings just before the transfer deadline in the hope that we’ll renew our season ticket. Sorry Daniel don’t believe you anymore. Your acolytes trumpet what an astute and clever business man you are. How can that be when every transfer window you’re trying to offload your failed attempts at making a top class signing on the cheap for not too great a loss. As they say “Buy cheap, buy twice”. You’ve been found out mate. If you have any feeling for our great club, you’d find a buyer with the vision and courage to take us forward and retire to admiring your ledgers.


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