PSG have officially announced the signing of Benjamin Stambouli for £6m.

It brings a week of speculation to an end and sees Spurs trim their squad further. Here’s how Twitter reacted to the news.



  1. Looking at some of the names that have left Spurs this summer, you can begin to suspect that there is either a curse or something very wrong at Spurs. Paulinho was regarded at a rising star in Brazil. Now they wonder what Spurs did to make him so poor. Holtby was another rising star, though to be fair, Eriksen was better. Capoue, went from being an all-action player to “Capwho”, and now we see Stambouli, who made little impact at Spurs, being signed by one of Europe’s top sides, so they must have a good opinion of him.

    Then there are the players such as Soldado and Lamela.

    Sensible answers please, but can someone explain why this appears to happen to Spurs, just about more than any other team? My own suspicion is that it is to do with Baldini, who wouldn’t recognise a dud £4 note. On the other hand, they have a very good record of buying and then developing “kids”

  2. I definitely believe there has been some poor decisions made on recent signings. Just because a player is standing out in a foreign leagues doesn’t automatically mean they can easily make the transition in to the English Premier League. Our league is very different to Spain and Italy and equally the South American leagues where the style of play is less physical and fast paced. I also think the way Spurs now play with high pressing game doesn’t suit all players and takes a while to get used to. As for Baldini, I agree his track record at Spurs doesn’t look good and we need to be scouting more and making less rash decisions when the transfer windows open.

  3. Baldini does not understand Tottenham Hotspur football culture. What ‘going for glory’ means and identifying those players who play for glory. All the players he has chosen are very good however were not in the Tottenham mold. Ozzie Ardilles understands so has been able to advise MP on the Spurs philosophy of attacking football. I think Pochettino’s own philosophy is similar to Spurs so fingers crossed the players being chosen by Mr Mitchell and being accepted by our head coach will have the characteristics it takes to be successful at Tottenham Hotspur Football Club. The courage to go for glory at that moment required. Added to this, our Academy players are seemingly being taught the principles of Spurs football (based on the fact we have some great young players coming through). I am finding these times at Tottenham pretty exciting. Hopeful and encouraged by the advancements being made through the hard working and decisive decisions made by Daniel Levy and company and his backing of Mauricio and Paul Mitchell has created the most positive foundations in modern times. So Mr Baldini, learn, learn, learn or be gone, gone, gone.


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