Reports from Spain claim that Roberto Soldado will return to his homeland next week to sign for Villarreal. The fee is said to be a pretty healthy sounding €17m.

Soldado has scored just 16 goals in 76 appearances for Spurs since being signed for £26m from Valencia in 2013. Here’s how Twitter reacted to the news of his imminent sale.



  1. I feel bad for Roberto. There is just no visible clue or clues as to why this former prolific goal scorer had such a horrid time at Tottenham. I would assume he was not getting the type of service he was accustomed to. In which case I am disappointed he was not able to adapt his game to our needs for he showed signs of quality, albeit not very often. I cannot remember but I am I correct in thinking the Soldado purchase was Baldini’s idea? If not, I’ll apologise to Mr Baldini now, however if Soldado was his idea then I would offer this, again, Mr Baldini has no idea of what Tottenham Hotspur are all about and that he should not be allowed to ever purchase another player for our team again. In fact, I regard Mr Baldini, surplus to requirements and would happily accept his resignation, even happier to just fire him.

    • Soldado was signed when they thought they could keep hold of Bale, that’s what I was told, so they had the idea of Bale whipping balls in and creating lots of chances for Soldado to feed off. Bale left and we all realized that the rest of the team had stopped creating anything.

  2. Very unfortunate that Soldado never made it with us.Ade is like a rash that just won’t go away.However should we be fortunate enough to dispose of both these players,then start our problems as just don’t believe that Levy/MP will buy a replacement,let alone 2.
    Regarding Baldini,it is beyond comprehension that he is still in our employment.For someone who is trigger happy in firing managers,just can’t understand why Levy has not got shot of him.As unbelievable as much as our reluctance to sign at least one new striker….


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