West Brom caused headlines today when they publicly announced that they had turned down a £15m bid from Tottenham for Saido Berahino.

The Baggies claimed that they are not interested in selling the player, but are they telling the truth or merely firing the first shots in a negotiation war? Here’s what Twitter thought of today’s news.



  1. Daniel Levy will never learn by his mistakes in fact he will never change as long as he has a hole in his arse. Everybody says he is a very astute and tough negotiator but in reality after all these years doesn’t he think other club chairmen know how he works…it’s pathetic. Ever since he has gotten involved with the choosing and buying of Spurs players he has had just one deal that I would call brilliant and he has lived off of that ever since with this inflated ego. The deal I am talking about was the Rafa van der Vaart deal six years ago and the Spurs fans have had to watch his antics ever since.
    Let’s be honest about Berahino. He is worth at the very minimum £20 million pounds without a doubt yet Levy bids £15 million. In reality he should have gone in at £20 million because there is no way he will get him for anything less without other additions. This is typical Levy and it just wastes time. Levy you should have done all this at the beginning of the window but you never do which is another major flaw and is a negative when it comes to preparing our team. You only have to look at the tables and see we have one point out of six. In fact with your antics Levy we always sacrifice a good start.

    • RhinoNeal if you’re a Spurs fan I commend you for that comment because whilst Berahino would represent a calculated risk for any club at £20M+ that is a fair comment and 90% of the Spurs/London press comments I have witnessed are just from arrogant people saying we should take £12-15M just because we are a smaller club. If Bony went for 28M , Benteke went for 32M and Sterling went for 49M why should we accept 12-15 for a player that has 2 years left on his contract, was raised by our club since the age of 12 and scored 14 Prem goals last year?
      It’s inevitable he will go, WBA fans know that, but only for the right price

  2. Brilliant Post Rhino Neal
    s bonus is|/
    Levi is (quite literally) a ‘Little man’ Penny Pinching & knowing the ‘Price’ of EVERYTHING & the ‘Value’ of Nothing nor Nobody !

    HE – Is the reason alone for our NOT Breaking into the Top 4

    God alone knows what his transfer profit surplus is EVERY FKG YEAR ??

    He sure isn’t serious about winning any trophies!

    Him & Lewis should just sell & Fk right off !

  3. Boys, get a grip! This is exactly the trap everyone is lambasting Levy/Baldini/AVB for getting into with Soldado/Lamela et al. This is a ridiculously inflated price for a player that isn’t worth half what they’re asking for, because Brom would prefer to keep him, but would be happy to rip us clean off and take the hit on their line-up if it means laughing into their Cheerios all the way to the bank. 19 goals in 72 apps is NOT a £25m player, wake up. And I’m not on my own among the intelligent fans who would be horrified if this goes through at anywhere close to that sort of money.
    We’re having trouble attracting a top end striker because we haven’t got CL to offer. So instead we get offered pound shop footballers at Marks and Spencer prices because everyone knows we’re desperate.
    Get your head out of your holes lads ffs.

    • U21s record
      Danny Ings 13 apps 4 gls
      Harry Kane 14 apps 8 gls
      Saido Berahino 11 apps 10gls
      Put simply, between the two of them they have managed two more goals than Saido in more than double the appearances and both have been given more opportunities to do so in the same side with the same players playing around them using the same attack minded tactics.
      Oh and it’s interesting to read but Spurs fans have bemoaned Berahino’s goal scoring record at the age of 22 whilst lauding Austin as a better player, but when Austin was 22 he recorded a not so earth shattering record of 16 goals in 41 apps in the championship. When he was 21 he didn’t score a goal in that league and only got 4 appearances. I wonder what Saido will be like in 4 years time? Austin didn’t score that much more than him in the Prem last term.

      Try using reasoned argument and straight, measurable facts next time. I think his age, position, the fact we don’t want to sell, his nationality, the fact he scores goals regularly for a defensive team, his skill level and his record mean that £25m in this climate is not just reasonable but laughable as Benteke goes for £30m+ and Sterling for £49m (just because he’s English)
      Oh and what ever you do don’t take your own advice. Judging by your post, any attempt to retract or insert that bonce would result in the equivilant force of a very dirty nuclear incident.

  4. 14 in 38 I think the 5 in his first season can be overlooked, he’s a natural goal scorer who’ll deffo get goals, worth 20-25mill judging by the current climate

  5. What do you lot expect? You think we’re gonna get him for 2 old xbox games and bag of weed?
    Like it or not homegrown players are at a premium.
    If luke Shaw a left back and Raheem Sterlin not a big goalscorer went for all that cash then anything under £25m for a natural born finisher is decent in this crazy world .Hey Soldado cost £26m Haha!
    I just hope they don’t fuck about and get this done, anywhere under 25 just pay it Dan!
    This kid has bags of potential and is scoring goals now! He has already linked well with Kane he and along with Njie could give our attack a whole new dimention this season .I think we still do with a one more quality midfielder to.

  6. Stambouli: 8 mil. Paulihno: 10 mil. Capoue: 5 mil. Kaboul: 5 mil. Kiriches: 8 mil. Soldado 10 mil. That’s 40 mil (give or take a mil) that’s come into our coffers. So far we’ve spent 5 mil on Wimmer, 3.5 mil on Trippier, 10 mil on N’jie and 12 mil on Alderweireld. That’s about 30 mil (if the figures reported are accurate).

    When you add up these figures you begin to see why Levy is chancing his arm with Berahino. With Levy it’s all about balancing the books. He’s hoping to come out of the window in profit and he wont do that if he spends 20-25 mil on Berahino. Theres a stadium to build, he’ll say, but he will conveniently overlook the new TV deal which has made premier league clubs awash with cash.

    Because he wants to balance the books, Im convinced Levy will end up bidding (last minute) for Charlie Austin, who’a currently valued by QPR at 15 mil, 10 million cheaper than Berahino.

    Time will tell who we get but what is certain is that we need another striker and that player should have been brought in ages ago. I hate to say it but I see us finishing outside the top six for the first time 8 years, and if that happens Levy will experience a firestorm from the fans such as he’s never experienced before.

  7. It always makes me laugh to hear fans talking about transfer fees like it was their own money – who cares, the prem is awash with cash, just get the player, whatever the cost – Don’t forget Andy Carroll cost 35M

  8. Love the arrogance of Spurs fans. A touch of the Villa and Newcastle about them believing they are a big club (last Championship win 55 years ago).

  9. Let’s be fair here, Berahino has a load of talent to give and has time on his side. He’s a proven Premiership scorer (despite the handicap of being in the WBA team – and I mean that he lacks decent service, before I get hammered by WBA fans) and has proven at under-21 international level WITH Kane! Pricing him at £20-25mil is what he’s worth to us because he’s relatively settled in the team and Pulis can build around him. And don’t forget we’re being asked to pay £10mil for players like Matt Philips from QPR. But Spurs also have the knowledge going in that he can play well with Kane which you don’t usually know when buying a player. Just my 2 pence…

  10. The answer is obvious; £20m + Fazio. That would meet West Brom’s valuation of £25m (since £5m for Fazio seems an agreed figure). If the deal is not done Spurs get stuck with Fazio for another season, spend circa £3m on his wages and costs in that time and will be lucky to get £2-3m as a fee after another reserve season. That makes giving West Brom Fazio financially neutral and the £20m cash the real cost.

    One thing is for sure. A chairman who can get £10m for Curtis Davies and over £6m for Kamara in days of less money and lower fees is not going to be short changed.

    • Spurs paid Sevilla an over inflated price of £8m for Fazio in the first place. I haven’t heard or read one decent comment about the guy except foir he made the most blocks of any Spurs defender last season. Other than that they all think he’s quite poor and want to get rid of him. Accepting a £5m cut on our best player for a guy who they want shot of sounds like a poor bit of business to me.


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