The deal to sign Victor Wanyama seems to be off, with the player having left to join the Kenyan squad on international duty.

Many Spurs fans are complaining about Southampton’s refusal to do business with us, but over the past two windows we have waited until they had already sold a number of players before making a move. Considering that Mauricio Pochettino and latterly Paul Mitchell know the personnel at the club very well, leaving things to such a late stage is a puzzling tactic.

With Axel also unlikely to move, the club are said to have turned their attention towards Cheick Tiote of Newcastle.

Once highly-rated, Tiote’s stock has fallen in recent seasons. Things are starting to look very desperate now.



  1. I’m sorry but you have been misled by your management together with their pet media poodles. There was never any chance of Wanyama being allowed to leave especially to go to Spurs.

    There is an antipathy towards Spurs from the Southampton management. It’s just the underhand way they do things that have caused this. Poaching a manager with a contract, trying to get the transfer secrets by taking the recruitment manager, unsettleing Schneiderlin and Rodriguez then causing the breaking of the Alderweirald contract with Athletico. Good luck with that, it remains to be seen how long his ham strings hold out.

    I think Southampton did rather better out of all that with Koeman arriving. Southampton’s owner is insistent on the highest standards of behaviour and the Southampton way of doing business is private. Sometimes it backfires but it is the best path.

    Trying again to unsettle Wanyama worked really well but Southampton just don’t need to sell especially to Spurs so it was never going to happen. We knew that now Victor’s agent knows that, which is why he has given up and gone to Kenya.

    Another reason Levy wants to buy on the never never which Southampton and it’s multi billionaire owner can’t be bothered with. As a matter of interest Southampton’s outgoings for eight players is less than received for two outgoing players, the money from the Premier seventh place hasn’t been touched yet.

    • We were never going to get Wanyama. Saints are way to powerful for us now. They will only sell to the big money teams. 12 million bids are of no interest to them. Morgan Schneiderlin a case in point.


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