No on should get too carried away with highlights videos. We’ve all gone to YouTube and drooled with excitement at clips of new signings, only to be left feeling rather nonplussed when you actually get to see them in the flesh.

That said, Nathan Oduwa’s highlights reel is a joy to watch. Currently on-loan at Rangers, the 19-year old has more tricks up his sleeve than Paul Daniels and though the standard in the Scottish Championship might not be too great, it would take a hard heart to not be impressed by this evidence of Oduwa’s ability.



  1. I’m a little bit disappointed that he got loaned out to lay in the Scottish Championship, tbf. Yeah, I know he’s playing for a club with big expectations but some of their opponents are part timers ffs! Of course he’s going to look amazing in that league! Couldn’t he have got loaned out to an MLS team, or at least Celtic?


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