Spurs stars past and present give derby draw verdict

Spurs stars past and present give derby draw verdict


The 2-2 draw in the North London derby was a match that provided a wide variety of emotions and Spurs players past and present have taken to Twitter to give their verdict on the match.

While some regret was expressed, no one seems to be giving up on the title race yet.



  1. Every match from now on is a dog fight for Tottenham. I guess many matches have been like that.
    And don’t assume that poor Villa away, and the the ‘now safe’ Bournemouth at home, will decide to capitulate against us. I can’t think of 2 more crucial games to set us up for our final 7 games, and only 6 points FROM those 2 games will give us the chance to really go for the PL title.
    But am I the only one who (although I think they’ve been brilliant all season) can see that the clubs who play Leicester every week, and even now at this late stage, still don’t treat their match with the Foxes as though they were playing one of the other top four or five ‘super’ clubs.
    It’s like anyone that plays Leicester simply assumes they can win the match ..and that’s it; that’s their game plan! OR .. they’ve become Leicester neutral supporters late in the season, and, if not likely to win anything themselves, or get relegated, they treat the game against the Foxes like a damn friendly, almost.
    Don’t believe me? Then you’re not watching the games. Most PL sides don’t play to either Leicester’s weaknesses, or to smother their strengths. Most of the mid and lower table sides (as well as the top 5 or 6 sides) treat Leicester as simply another game ..whereas games are raised, plans produced, counters put in place, tactics changed, excitement levels heightened etc., whenever a mid to low table side take on the likes of Spurs, Man City, Arsenal, Chelsea, Man U and Liverpool etc., or whenever those 6 play each other.
    Sometimes, the top sides must feel that they come up against teams, too often, who feel it’s their ‘Cup Final’, and who raise their levels enormously from that produced in the previous game. I don’t think Leicester have experienced that type of intense opposition all season ..and I genuinely feel that if most clubs had taken the Foxes seriously in Sept/October (when they were first top) then they’d probably be around 7th or 8th right now ..NOT 5 points clear of everyone else. They’re exciting and refreshing, sure, and if Spurs don’t win the PL, then Leicester are the hopes of all neutrals ..BUT I believe they’ve been given the space to be exciting and refreshing, and they will NEVER reproduce these incredible win sequences again, particularly away. Leicester simply haven’t been treated seriously enough by the other PL teams, and they’ve kept their position because other sides have expected them to fall, rather than actually ‘planning’ that fall before they play them. Think Greece and Denmark when they won the European Championship. That, of course, will change if they win the PL, and they will find it hard to cope with the game to game pressure in the CL and PL next season.
    An inevitable and big ‘falling away’ WILL happen (you’ll see) but maybe I’m just currently envious that, in this closest of seasons and over 50 years on from our last title, they’re probably going to beat us to the Glory of the finishing line. God, a league title is rare enough for Spurs, let alone the likes of Leicester, but clubs still manage to raise their games against US in every damn match! Talk about Leicester City coming in under the radar …even though the radar picked them up as early as the autumn.

  2. I know what you mean about Leicester & most teams not taking them the same way as the top 6 or so teams, but the over-riding reason( from what I’ve seen) why Leicester are winning & winning is their team spirit, playing to their own strengths & not worrying what opponents can do, and the sheer underrated skill of Most of their squad. I really want Spurs to win the PL, but it’s Leicester’s to lose, obviously. It will still have been a great season if we claim a CL spot, but not win the title.


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