Would you sell this Spurs player to rivals?

Would you sell this Spurs player to rivals?


Reports claim that West Ham are considering a £16m move for Nacer Chadli in the summer.

The Belgian was one of the most improved players in Mauricio Pochettino’s debut season at Spurs, scoring 13 goals and cementing a place in the starting lineup.

This season has seen more competition for places and Chadli has often had to sit on the bench to make room for Dele Alli or Heung-Min Son in the team. Nevertheless, Chadli has still scored some important goals and with eight so far, could easily hit double figures again.

Yet despite his improved contributions there is still a sense that Chadli is a player who doesn’t bring enough to the table, beyond goals. The proposed fee of £16m also represents a decent profit on a player that cost £7m when he joined from Twente.

Whether West Ham would be the right club to sell Chadli to, is another matter. Beyond the obvious fact that they are a local rival of Tottenham, they are fast becoming a rival on the pitch.

The Hammers are in great form and could quite conceivably qualify for the Champions League alongside Spurs. With their impending move to the Olympic Stadium, the days of West Ham being a mid-table club who offer little threat could be gone.

It would therefore be something of a risk to help them strengthen their squad with a player that we know can score goals in the Premier League. Would you let Nacer Chadli go?


  1. Bigger Club????? If it was Real or Barca Maybe. At the moment no bigger club than Spurs in the PL. He is a very good impact sub and would keep him!!!!

  2. I take it back. West Ham doesn’t come close to Spurs in anyway and definitely doesn’t surpass Tottenham in anyway. They should just change their name to “On Payet’s Back”.

  3. It’s a difficult one. On the one hand, it doubles our money and much as I have stuck up for him, we could improve our options there. On the other hand, to the Dildo Brothas? I fear his next appearance might be in One for the Ladies :-O

  4. If thats what the will pay I say yes. He has his moments but too many non effective games. He scores some important goals but does not contribute enough and thats why he comes off the bench sometimes. Stick the money towards Tielemans or Insigne defo

  5. I’d definitely take £16m, but West Ham wouldn’t pay that. I’d take half that as he doesn’t track back enough for me. Not sure Why Spurs fans are wankers Steve, I assume that’s because they don’t all agree with you? Sounds like you’re the wanker. Don’t take it personally fella, we are just expressing our opinions, don’t upset yourself.

  6. I would personally like to thank tots for securing our ground for peanuts, with a special mention for levy. If we had to pay for the stadium at 200000000 we would be skint! But now we are going to have loads of money to spend on new players. There is a definite possibility of us catching up with tots and arse.

    • It was a great bit of business for the Hammers and Bilic is doing a great job. Would be good to see the West Ham at the top end of the table with the likes of Spurs and Arsenal!

  7. Sometimes you give your unwanted rubbish to the little deprived kid down the road… .and I guess chadli and West Hamas united fit that category


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