Mike Dean has been named as the referee for Tottenham’s crucial match with Manchester United on Sunday and Spurs fans will hope to see him ‘celebrating’ again.

The 47-year old referee has twice caught the attention of eagle-eyed viewers after appearing to get rather excited when Tottenham scored. The first came in a match against Arsenal in which Dean seemed to jump for joy when Louis Saha scored for Spurs.

Then this season, Dean seemed to be even more pleased than Mousa Dembele, after the Belgian scored a brilliant solo effort against Aston Villa.

In a fixture that has often been marred by referees’ bias towards Manchester United – yes, Mike Clattenbury and Howard Webb, we do mean you – it would be refreshing to finally be the beneficiaries of an official favouring the more successful side.



  1. Well, apart from the fact that it is nonsense.

    In the first clip he is quite clearly just stopping his momentum. In the second clip he is obviously just motioning for play to continue and then signalling a goal.

    Now that is cleared up can we talk about something of real moment? I see Jerk Vileshire.has been in trouble again, for being an odious little rat. Let’s have a discussion of all the dirty filthy criminals and pervs the Goons have employed over the years! 🙂

  2. Let’s not SP,. Let’s discuss the legend that is Mike Dean, super yido! ?

    We really need to beat this lot, their tails are up after a couple of blaggy wins and we owe them moe than one!! COYS!

  3. Let’s first of all get people’s names right. Mark Clattenburg would be quite put out I’m sure at being referred to as Mike Clattenbury – as would Harry Kane perhaps if he was referred to as Harry Ramsden. Yes, Mike Dean has been a good ref for us (purely by coincidence!), but we owe the Mancs a couple from the past: balls yanked out of the back of the net and thrown on field as though no goal was ever scored; an own goal by Walker in this season’s reverse that was the only reason Man U got three points. There are others but life is short. We must be on top form at the weekend and keep on top. Only a win will do and I’m not necessarily talking about winning the title, which went a whole lot further away after last weekend’s damaging results. We may not have entirely buried the Liverpool hoodoo but we’ve come some way in respect of not collapsing to M U in recent years. We need more affirmation of this, and the cherry on the cake of the 1-0 crew in blue slipping up! COYS!


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