The Sun have published pictures of Mauricio Pochettino emerging from a restaurant where he is said to have met Sir Alex Ferguson today.

Pochettino recently revealed that he had a verbal agreement to sign a new contract with Tottenham but with no official announcement as yet, there is bound to be speculation regarding his future following this encounter.

The Spurs manager was pictured leaving Scott’s in Mayfair this afternoon, along with Ferguson and his assistant head coach Jesus Perez. The legendary United manager is now an ambassador for the club.

Manchester United have long been rumoured to be ready to appoint Jose Mourinho as Louis van Gaal’s replacement at the end of the season. Tottenham fans will be praying that this is the case and that Pochettino’s meeting with Ferguson did not concern any future employment.



  1. He’ll be off then. Why would he have Jesus Perez with meeting with Ferguson unless it was to discuss terms, bearing in mind that Poch will not move anywhere without his coaching staff and had them with him for Tottenham negotations.

      • Ladbrokes (along with most bookies) have suspended their markets on it (probably taking stock of those pictures). If it was just poch meeting with him I could understand but Perez with him and Poch looking sheepish says one thing to me. Would really hope its not the case as it could be destructive with Lamela and Eriksen not tied to new contracts.

      • Seconded. Put money on it if you believe your fears. Yours is a good example of someone believing in only one possible explanation, and then not even thinking about any other reasons why they might be coming out of a London restaurant in this way.

  2. So Poch has a secret meeting in broad daylight, in the centre of London, at a location frequented by the rich and famous that is continually monitored by the Paparazzi?…..

  3. Do you know how many lunches Sir Alex Ferguson has arranged with, what I’ll bet is a range of people, for this week, for last week, and in the coming week? Is every one of them a business lunch, or a friendly lunch, or a lunch where each party tries to gather intelligence on each others’ plans or intentions or on which players might be available for transfer? There can be all sorts of motives. With Man Utd down in London this week playing West Ham United, I’d bet this particular lunch was arranged when Ferguson would be in town. Perhaps Ferguson wanted Pochettino’s assessment of a particular Argentinian or Southampton player that Man Utd are shortlisting for transfer — how can any of us possibly tell?


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