Reports claim that Adam Lallana is a summer target for Spurs, with the Liverpool midfielder carrying a valuation of £20m.

Lallana played under Mauricio Pochettino at Southampton and was linked with a transfer to White Hart Lane in 2014 before eventually moving to Anfield for £25m.

It’s likely that Tottenham will be in the market for another attacking midfielder, as the club looks to improve the squad over the summer ahead of a Champions League campaign next season.

Is Lallana the man for the job? Spurs fans seem to be split, with many dismissing the idea, while others are trusting Pochettino’s judgement. Here’s how they reacted on Twitter.



  1. The best part is that;

    a) Spurs fans think he would go there.

    b) They think it would be for £20 million.

    File under about as likely as Bale going back to Spurs for £30 million.

  2. You have one good season where you came second and all of a sudden a great player like Lallana is average for your side. Get off your high horse. Apart from Kane and Ali, the rest of your team are average at best. You think you are better than you are because other teams had an off season. That arrogance is the reason the whole country, correction, the whole world wanted Leicester to win the EPL and not you. You have No class. When the pressure was really on, you folded throwing away a two goal lead. Laughable. Next season, the big boys will be back and equilibrium will be restored. You will be back in mid table and below Arsenal. No cigar for coming second!!

  3. Maxidusman, seems like you will be smoking the cigar this seasons end! Hahaha Maybe give one to Wilshere too as he smokes anything!


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