A sad end to a great season. Only Spurs…

Tottenham were thrashed 5-1 at relegated Newcastle, who scored three of their goals with ten men.

The hosts took a 2-0 lead into the half time break before Erik Lamela pulled a goal back for Spurs fifteen minutes into the second half.

Aleksandar Mitrovic was then sent off, allowing Tottenham a way back in. But Mauricio Pochettino’s side crumbled, conceding three more goals in a humiliating defeat.

Here’s how Twitter reacted to the result.



  1. At 2-1 down, Spurs looked like they were going on to win the game. Newcastle got a penalty when their player wasn’t even touched. At 3-1 down, Spurs threw all their players forward and were vulnerable to the counter attack with Newcastle’s pacey attackers. Spurs were extremely unlucky in the second half and naive, but in the first half they were dire.

    Taking Walker off was also naive management.

    Still great to get third and qualify for the group stage of the champions league, but runners up above Arsenal would have been so much better.

  2. I obviously know very little about football as I proudly predicted after our superb performance and win at Stoke that we would win our next and last 4 games; well we didn’t win one.

    What I can predict however is that with MP we will go nowhere.If a man cannot stimulate his team to at least get a draw against a relegated Newcastle side- no excuse that they were tired or under pressure having gone a whole week without a match, then there is no hope.Woolwich yet again end up above us.We have been humiliated and the whole summer has been ruined for every Spurs fan.Thank you Mr.Pocchettino.You say you learnt a lot from your lunch with Sir Alex.Well I say you learnt what a c… you really are.Like the Titanic,you should have stayed at Southampton.Now why don’t you pack your bags and bugger off to Man Utd or PSG?
    I hope I speak for all Spurs fans, that we will never forgive you for this fiasco.

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  3. Did Spurs actually turn up for this game or was I watching a Sunday League team.Absolute bollocks,a disgrace,apathetic rubbish and they get paid sums we can only dream of I really cant believe it.Arsenal
    can’t either.


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