Last night the whole of England stopped talking about Brexit for five minutes and instead fixated on another burning issue – why on earth was Harry Kane taking England’s corners?

It seems that Roy Hodgson must have let everyone in the squad have a go at corners and decided that Kane was the best of the lot. That would be fine if not for the fact that Kane is also England’s deadliest finisher, good in the air and one of the tallest players in the team.

Kane’s corners weren’t too bad, but we can’t see Mauricio Pochettino thinking that it’s a good idea for his best striker to take them for Spurs. Nor can the rest of the internet.

Another surprise set-piece taker was Eric Dier. Eyebrows were raised when he stood over a couple of free-kicks and then he surprised everyone even more by doing this.

Unlike Kane, there’s every chance that Dier could be taking free-kicks for Tottenham next season. With Christian Eriksen also pretty handy at them, Spurs will be able to keep opposition goalkeepers guessing until the very last moment.



  1. “Kane on corners and Dier taking free-kicks next season?”

    No, because Spurs are prepared, organised and focused, they are a serious proposition. I don’t hold up much hope for England under present arrangements.


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