It was widely believed that Tom Carroll’s contract would be expiring this summer, but the midfielder was surprisingly named in the contracted section of the Premier League’s official released and retained list.

There has been no official announcement of any sort of contract extension since Carroll signed a five-year deal in 2011, yet the only player released by Spurs was the youngster Emmanuel Sonupe.

While Carroll is not the most popular player among fans, with many believing that the club needs to significantly strengthen the depth of midfielders in the squad, it would be poor business and very unlike Tottenham to have let him go for free.

It’s possible that Carroll may have signed an extension when he moved on loan to Swansea in 2014 and if so, it raises the question of his future at White Hart Lane.

Is Carroll good enough to do a job as a squad player next season, or should he be moved on? If it’s the latter option, then should Spurs be looking to sell him or arrange a loan deal that would see him get regular Premier League starts?

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  1. His talent is undeniable, he just needs some physical attention, so I wonder if they are going to give him a year to bulk up as the phrase goes before making a decision

  2. He simply isn’t good enough. He passes sideways far too often. We have reached another level and players like him need to go somewhere where they can get a regular game. We don’t want a repeat of the Borussia Dortmund games and I trust Pochettino to know what he needs. The likes of Chadli and Son must be under scrutiny and there are a far higher level than Mason, Bentaleb and especially Carroll.

  3. He is the best medium to long range passer of a ball at the club but physically is so immature that he is far too easily pushed off the ball by the many 85 kg 1.9 m physical midfielders that seem to burgeon at so many clubs. He does have courage and he can tackle. He is best suited as a deep lying playmaker but MUST put some weight on and increase his physicality. Maybe he should watch some Blanchflower videos (are there any?…Modric will do I guess) to see how they coped.

  4. Tom appears to have the same physic as when he first appeared on the scene under Harry Redknapp.
    Being a skilled footballer these days just isn’t enough, he needs to get stuck in a bit more.
    Similar in build to Modric but does not possess the same vision.
    Sorry Tom, nothing personal.

  5. Agree Carroll needs to bulk up,he has a good range of passing,but he is too easy to knock off the ball.I think the reason he wasn’t released is because he could be loaned out next season,however if a good offer came in he could be sold.Midfield is an area I suspect will be strengthened anyway in the summer along with a striker,so it could also mean we would let Mason and/or Bentaleb go.
    He will never be like Modric.

  6. thing is with tom, is that he offers something most of our midfield is missing & that is the ability to actually play football. all this crap about him being too small is rubbish as I think too many people just want big strong players with speed & little passing ability eg Son & n’jie & as in England team lately, Sterling.
    he is not a defensive MF player but a deep lying playmaker & that is obviously how Poch sees him.
    I think you’ll see him at his best playing the European games where he’ll have a bit more time to do his work.


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