Only Yesterday it was reported that Spurs were still in pole position to sign Michy Batshuayi, despite Crystal Palace having had a bid accepted, but it now looks like to Belgian is destined to join Chelsea.

Chelsea have swooped in with a £33m bid that has been accepted by Marseille. It is thought that Batshuayi – currently on Euro 2016 duty with Belgium – will have a medical in Bordeaux shortly.

It was rumoured that the striker was keen on a move to White Hart Lane, having spent the summer with Belgium’s Tottenham stars, Toby Alderweireld, Mousa Dembele and Jan Vertonghen.

Spurs were definitely keen on Batshuayi, but it seems as if the club were biding their time in making any bid, in order to take advantage of Marseille’s financial position. The French giants must sell Batshuayi by July 5th if they are to avoid being made subject to a transfer embargo.

Batshuayi has been consistently linked with a move to Tottenham for so long, that it seems fair to assume that he was Mauricio Pochettino’s top target. Once again it looks as if the club have failed a manager by failing to land the player he wants.

On the other hand, Spurs could buy AZ Alkmaar’s Vincent Janssen and Roma’s Antonio Sanabria for a combined cost that would be in the same region of the fee that Chelsea are to pay Batshuayi.

At a time when the club are building a new stadium and trying to simultaneously kick on from last season’s title challenge, are they right to exercise caution, or should they go all out for the players that Pochettino wants?



  1. Far better value for money if we can get Janssen and Sanabria but this is Spurs and we will dilly dally for the next two weeks and miss out on both. Seen it all before and bearing in mind Kane looks like he’s aged 10 years over the Euros, we def need someone in and quick !!

    • That’s exactly what Levy and Co would have you believe, the only reason we’re going after them is because they are cheap, quality costs money and Levy won’t pay it.

  2. agreed – also Kane doesn’t really start going until Christmas (reminds me of berbatov) so we will need someone for the first half of the season at least.

  3. I want to remain positive, and also acknowledge that none of us (sorry if any of you actually do!) understand/aware of what really happens with a transfer,.. But it looks as if Levy has tried to take the p*$$ again and Cheatski have mugged us off,.. It’s all very well saying he won’t go to palace or wet spam but how long did Levy think he could get away with playing a game with their chairman in the hope that no one else (that Batshuyi would go to) wouldn’t bid??!! Did he think their chairman would just say ‘oh fair enough Dan, we can’t wait any longer you can have him for a packet of frazzled and a hand job?! FFS.. Sometimes you have to pay if your ant quality.. Very frustrating… That said,.. Id be happy with Jansen, he looks like a Dutch Kane, so, that’s great, but don’t f**k his one up Levy!! COYS

  4. Why use such a negative headline like ‘ Spurs made a mistake’ – What utter nonsense.. We are not owned by a Russian billionaire so whenever the rich want something, they take it… I for one am glad – I don’t rate Bashui, he is 4th choice in the national team and is just another over hyped/priced player.. Jennsen and Ayo Perez would be my perfect signings…Jennsen young and raw but is a quality finisher with a great attitude… Ayo destoryed us at WHL and can play across the front three..

    Stop being negative that we got out bid…

  5. No I do not feel Spurs have made a mistake. Batshuayi is 22 yrs of age having had one good season scoring 16 goals with a fee being demanded of 33 million pounds. He was supposedly asking for 100,000 a week which would totally ruin our wage structure. Although he might have huge potential, he is still an unknown quantity and in my view not worth the asking price. Our Mr Levy can be very frustrating though trying to save a pound here and a pound there and I hope we do not miss out on one or two other targets because of his lack ambition. We already have made one good addition and I am sure others will follow. However, a striker is essential and I hope he acts sooner rather than later

  6. Levy is holding the club back. Appointed baldini to look after the football side while he takes care of the business. Baldini made a complete mess of that, levy done the same with the ground. And as for biding time? That’s code for don’t want to pay the money, and I’ll give others time to move in. The problem the almighty chairman has is his failure over the last few years to sort the problem up front means that as soon as they are linked with a striker the price has gone up immediately because the world knows our situation. Not a good businessman for me. Wanted dembele in January yet he’s ended up at Celtic. He has to buy two strikers and an attacking option winger or play maker. Please

  7. Get over yourselves!
    IF an INFLATED offer has been made, it makes NO difference if the club accept it, the PLAYER still has to agree to join that club!
    If you’re all so great at business, finance, etc why aren’t you Spurs chairman? You could fritter away all the money & bankrupt the club à la Leeds/Blackburn, etc.
    Alternatively, you can just trust Levy/Pochettino to do what’s BEST for THFC!

  8. Honestly, Levy must love some of you lot!!! We need 1 CENTRE FORWARD & 1 Stikrer, as well as an upgrade on chadli or another playmaker,. As well as this, we could probably do with cover for Toby & Dier (this condo be Dominic ball & Cameron caret vickers but I’ve no idea how they’re performing in training, how would any of us?!) so that leaves a fair bit of business to be done,… Deep breath,.. The window isn’t even open yet, so we don’t need to panic, BUT… I think it’s our duty as fans of the club to be watchful of Levy! We pay for seats shirts calendars mugs whatever else, as well as the unquantifiable emotional investment we all put in, so he owes it to the fans and the current staff (manager players chefs and bog cleaners) to ensure we build on last season,.. Does anyone think united and Chelsea are gonna be poor again?? Liverpool and Chelsea have nomeuro footy and will have a full fraesh week the way Leicester did last year,. Look at how playing 20 game less than us/top 4 sides benefitted them last year?!! ,… We NEED MORE REINFORCEMENTS …. QUALITY ONES!!!! COYS

  9. There is an awful lot of brainless morons masquerading as sensible Spurs supporters, never missing a beat in jumping on Levys back without knowing any facts about supposed targets linked to the club. Spurs are speculatively linked by the nonces in the press to every Tom, Dick and Harry across the Globe (World, for those of you who dont know the meaning of the word “Globe”) on a daily/weekly basis. If Batshuayi does end up at the West London club, good luck to him. If Dembele the ex Fulham player ends up at Celtic, good luck to him too playing in a substandard league. If he was that good, Premier league clubs would have been climbing over each other for his signature and I’m sure that the young man would have preferred to play in the EPL as opposed to Scotland. But no one did go after him despite the clowns in the press trying to make milage out of a non existant story. Every time a report comes out, it’s either the word of some dodgy foreigner (mainly French or Italian) or un named sources. At the beginning of the week, Batshuayi was a terget for Juventus and was awaiting a call from them, yesterday it was Crystal Palace who supposedly made a £31M offer (can any of you pricks actually see them forking out that kind of money for a player?). The week before it was West Ham who were in pole position for a day but that too died a death just as quick as it appeared. Tomorrow it will be between Spurs and Chelsea. A player who is a bench warmer for his country’s National side. If Marseille who are cash strapped and desperately needing to pay £25M to the revenue by 5th July as some papers suggest, the the West London club are fools for supposedly forking out £33M now. They could just wait until the French club gives in and get the player for a lot less money. Money what a fine thing to have, is no objective for Chelsea going after another player if they lose out on Batshuayi. To their ex taxi driver Russian owner, that wont cause him to lose any sleep.

    • Calling people morons for questioning constant indecision? F**k me champ, that’s rich,.. Turns out those dodgy foreigners were right, we could have had the deal done a month ago and pi$$ed about so off he goes to Chelsea,.

  10. Forget this guy, let the 10th place giants bid on what may be a one-season wonder. Get Lacazette, who’s proven himself to be a consistent player and he’s actually CHEAPER than Batshuayi.

  11. We have one of the richest owners so no reason to pay this kind of money, we always wait for a bargain and it’s worked out once!! Our top priority is a striker and should of done that first!! However win lose or draw we are the mighty spurs!! COYS


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