In a week which has seen Michy Batshuayi join Chelsea having been long-rumoured to be set on a move to Spurs, there seems to be the potential for another striker to slip through our fingers.

The AZ Alkmaar forward Vincent Janssen has spoken out at his frustration at not being able to join Tottenham, after the club’s bid was dismissed by the Dutch outfit.

“I have expressed my choice at the club.

“Tottenham Hotspur have made a high bid in my eyes. There has been an offer around €18m (£15m), but AZ will not even come to the table.

“I would like somewhere else as soon as possible to start my preparation. This is frustrating.

“I indicated that I would take the next step and want to get away from the club. They know this and are aware of the situation.

“It’s a shame, I would have wished that it would go a little faster. Sure it’s fine to train again. AZ is a fantastic club, but I want to make that next step for my development.

“Ultimately I hope to shake people’s hands here and walk out of the door on good terms.”

AZ are said to want €20m (£16.7m) for Janssen. With the difference between the bid and the valuation being just £1.7m, it would be a pity if a deal couldn’t be done for a player who obviously wants to join the club.

If Spurs dither they run the risk of a rival Premier League club making a bid for Janssen. With the fresh influx of TV money, just about every side in the league could afford to pay what AZ want for Janssen and if Tottenham don’t act quickly, they run the risk of missing out on another target.



  1. Cue ‘we’ll never be successful while Levy is in charge’ comments. Batshuayi was never coming because he knew he’d be second fiddle to Kane and wasn’t prepared to do that. If he goes to Chelsea this may still be the case, but a huge signing fee and massive wages from Abramovich FC will sweeten the deal. Cue ‘why don’t we just pay him what he wants?’ Because he wants MORE than our highest earner which would mean increasing virtually everyone’s wages. Irrespective of the TV money there is a ground to fund and a wage structure that needs to be adhered to. As always we cannot compete with Abramovich FC or Sheikh FC. Sometimes it may look like we’ve missed out on someone, but if a player and his agent are hawking themselves around and only interested in money do we really want them? Last season was the first season in the PL where it looked like many, many players really couldn’t care less about a 38 game season. Chelsea, Man City and Man United can continue to buy and overpay players. Look at Eden Hazard at the Euros. We’ll continue to build a harmonious team. Keep the faith

    • Cue the Levy luvvies telling us what we already know and understand and treating us like idiots.Not one spurs’ supporter would in his right mind want Levy to spend 30 million plus on a player like Batshuayi.We want a statement of intent that we will buy a support striker for Harry.Not a last day bargain or an excuse from a puppet manager saying that there was no proper replacement.We have a good manager and the makings of the best side for twenty years or so;Man city have just bought a good player for 13 mill, so they are trust the manager and support him.If janssen is available and Mo wants him get him……..the 1.7 mill. difference can be paid by not giving ENIC their annual bonus.

      • Is he a good manager or a puppet manager? It’s the first day of the transfer window and we are negotiating for a player who the club don’t want to sell. They have put the fee up and continue to do so as they ‘own’ the player and don’t want to sell. If we agree to pay an extra £1.7m they will ask for another £1.7m. When do we back down? This happens the other way. United wanted to pay around £20m for Berba and we got £32m. Real wanted to pay around £60m for Bale and we got around £85m. Not pro or anti Levy as we have a board and an owner who make the decisions and they are answerable to very powerful non-exec directors. All I know is if we ‘appear’ to fail to sign a player it’s Levy’s fault. That is, of course, nonsense.

  2. Yes of course! Its Tottenham, we never ever learn from mistakes. We merely repeat them over and over expecting a different outcome. This window will be a cockup like everything else the club does.

      • Yes Mark but by not cocking up we might just be able to win something every now and then. We actually used to win things an eternity ago!

  3. Let’s face it Batshuayi was never going to happen and I quite understand why.Looks like AZ don’t want to sell their prized asset and that is their decision that must be respected.What I can’t understand is why we have given up on Dembele now gone to Celtic and who we could have signed for a fraction of the money we were prepared to pay 6 months ago and Berahino who we tried to buy 12 and 6 months ago without success and who we could sign today for a greatly reduced fee.Is it a question of Levy giving us the impression he is trying to sign players he knows he can’t get and when he can doesn’t do so???????…I think we need some answers.Still never mind, half dead Harry can soldier on alone next season on even more fronts than the last.

    • It’s very simple. We watched Berahino last season and decided he wasn’t good enough – something surely everyone knows now. We have now moved on from Dembele and, having made the CL, want better quality players. Surely that’s not too difficult to understand, but hopefully answers your questions. 6 to 12 months is a very long time in football. What we wanted then is different to what we want now that we have qualified for the CL. Is your comment about Levy serious? I can never quite understand when the anti-Levy brigade make such ridiculous statements. But, yes, you’re probably right. Tottenham (sorry Levy because we don’t have an owner, a board, executive directors, a manager we just have Levy making every decision) won’t sign a forward and Harry will battle on before finally going to the knackers yard in February.

  4. AZ Alkmaar are perfectly willing to sell Janssen, as long as they receive their stated asking price for him. They have set a figure of 20 million euros, we have offered 18 million euros, a different of only about 1.6 million quid. Just for once Daniel Levy needs to forget his ‘Buddy Buy Rite’ discount roots, forego his Shylock impersonation and pay them their fucking asking price. If we miss out on this guy, who is very fairly priced, for the sake of a million quid that would be criminal negligence on Levy’s part, so let’s hope that this gets done. Then, with our two most glaring deficiencies handled, we can be a lot more relaxed about our the remaining moves in the transfer window.

  5. What about milik from ajax or just get jovetic from city or inter not sure who owns him at the moment all the strikers available at this moment are overpriced and overrated

  6. Sick to death of reading that we have failed to sign another player because Mr Levy
    is not willing to be seen to give money away.We may have had a shot at the title
    if a striker or two were signed before last season started.If we dont get a couple of
    the right players in,all the hard work of getting to the champions league will be for
    nothing.Stop worrying about 1.6 million get the deal sorted and other ones, or this
    season will be another gooner piss take !

  7. AZs technical director has been ‘quoted’ as saying that they do not want to sell or loose theyre prized asset. Stating that he signed a 3 year deal only a year ago and they intend to hold him to it. Batshuayi is over priced, untried at a high level and wage demands were way to high. Berahino has proven that he cant handle the pressure and has an attitude problem if he doesnt get his way. And dembele has been quoted as saying he joined celtic as he wanted regular game time to develop and knew he wouldnt get the time he wanted at spurs.
    As for marks Levy comments ‘we’ll never be successful with Levy in charge’ as far as i can see spurs are on track to have one of their most successful periods in over 50 years on and off the field. Finished 3rd last year with the youngest squad in the league. In CL next year. Have a new stadium on the way. Great new training facility and what is becoming one of the best academy’s in England. And to top it off we are also one of the only clubs in the league making a profit. Your right Mark. Levys definately no good for our club and has obviòusly turned Tottenham Hotspur into a 2 bit joke of a club? I praise Daniel Levy for the great work he has done and the path he has set us on for the future.

  8. We couldnt sign Batshuayi and make him our highest paid player. It would cause problems with the other players. It would also mean that at £100000/wk he would be earning over double what Harry Kane earns. Its quite simple. As much as we all know that we need another quality striker. We need to be smart about it and dont upset the harmony of the players.
    You also need to realise that not all you read in the media is correct or even close. Actually half of what you read is bull and the other half all crap. Any crap to sell a story. Unless they print an official quote in an artical you can pretty much take it as rumour.

    • And yet some people still believe the stories. Unbelievable. But while they do, the papers will continue to write them!

  9. As long as the none football idiot is in the seat Spurs will be blowing big deals,just save money?no this man has to go he is a hazard to our Club.

    • What man? Explain why he is a hazard to the club. Explain why it is this man’s fault that the selling club have put the price up.

  10. If we didn’t sign a good striker soon we can forget winning anything apart from the Chelsea and arsenal fans crying tears of joy. So Mr Levy think back to when you wrote in the programme when you first took over how you loved Spurs and wanted the very best for the club . Well stop trying to save money to give to the share holders .oh that’s right you and your father in law are the main ones . !!!! Think for once about your supports and spend 20 million on a Stricker Now before its to late again .

    • What has Levy’s father-in-law got to do with it? (Clue before you answer this: Joe Lewis is NOT Levy’s father-in-law. This was nonsense bandied around by the anti-Levy brigade to try to discredit him and a lot of idiots believed it just like they believe all the other nonsense they read.)
      We agree a fee with a club. They then put it up. Anti-Levy – ‘Levy’s blown it again, just pay the money. I have always challenged the anti-Levy people to write something constructive. Unsurprisingly, I’m still waiting. I’m not pro or anti. I just think that when ENIC took over we had George Graham; the dullest team ever; training facilities that were not fit for purpose; an antiquated stadium; loads of debt; a terrible Academy producing no first team players. I could go on ……


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