Spurs are set to officially release their new kits on Friday, but a leaked image of the away shirt has already hit the internet.

This navy blue and gold number is rumoured to be Tottenham’s official change strip next season, to be worn when up against opponents wearing white and no doubt at other random times without explanation, when we could clearly just wear our home strip.

spurs away

What’s the verdict? It’s a rather simple design but that’s never a bad thing, considering some of the eccentric ensembles that pass for away kits these days.

If this does turn out to be legit it is once again likely to be a popular alternative to the home shirt and it’s dreaded red sponsor logo.



  1. That looks black and orange to me, and that would explain the newly released orange training shirts. So this is possibly our 3rd kit

  2. Hate to say it, but it looks a bit goonerish to me. I’m sure I’ve seen the scum wearing something similar.


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