Early this week reports claimed that Vincent Janssen could be signing for Spurs in a matter of days, but we should know better than to expect a transfer to run smoothly when a striker is involved.

The AZ Alkmaar director Max Huiberts has spoken out over the saga and claims that a deal is far from imminent.

“There is a lot of speculation and I read a lot of nonsense stories. We have once received a bid from Tottenham Hotspur.

“That [bid] we have not accepted. That is not so strange to me, it is not often a club agrees immediately with a first offer.

“Then we heard nothing more [from Spurs].”

“No, that’s not us. If you want to buy something, you have to go to the store. The store does not belong to you.”

With Janssen having turned down an offer from Paris St Germain because he is so set on a move to Tottenham and it being so important to bring in another striker in time for pre-season, you’d hope the club would stop dawdling and pay AZ what they want before someone else does.

With AZ rumoured to be ready to sign Wout Weghorst as a replacement for Janssen, everything seems to be in place for a move to be made. Surely Daniel Levy doesn’t want to let down Mauricio Pochettino again, having bungled the Saido Berahino deal last summer?



  1. I have watched Daniel Levy and have seen the results of his stubbornness as far as the team is concerned. I do not think that the state of the team matters to Daniel all that matters is the cash. He is so cash minded that by the time he does make a purchase the price is over what it should be. With Daniels approach team directors and managers know what to exoect and mess him about till he gives up or pays the inflated price they are after. We are loosing the chances of signing players because of this attitude, So unfortunately I do not see us making such a big bang on the football yet again. Maybe with the players that Pochettino wanted last season and Daniel doing the purchases we could have wone the league. Stop messing about Levy and get the players for Pochettino to bring us some silverware. You are the cause of the problems and the situation. Finally players are required before the new season training starts not when it is over,

  2. Paul, because of Levy we’re a top 6 team year in year out, without spending the kind of money everyone around us spends. We’ve got a massive new stadium being built and yet we’re one of the only teams that is financially stable. When the stadium is built do you not think that we’ll have a lot more to spend on players? What’s the point of spending the kind of money that Chelsea do, when their owner gets bored of them they will be screwed financially and will have to sell all their players. Yet we’re set for years to come. Trust in Levy.

    • Dream on David, we won’t have a lot more money to spend on players, Levy and Lewis will have a lot more money to put in their pockets.

  3. Tony and Paul you are talking like a couple of 16yr olds. It’s not just Levy we have a group of 5 who make these decisions and when the price rises nearly 5 million euro since the 1st enquiry they are right to take a step back.

  4. Heard a rumour Daniel Levy was taken into custody last night.Refused to pay a restaurant bill stating that it was too high; the restaurant owner called in the police.


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