AZ Alkmaar have claimed that the transfer of their striker Vincent Janssen to Spurs is far from imminent, but one of the pieces has fallen into place today that would allow the deal to go through.

As is good practice, AZ have been looking to sign a replacement striker before letting Janssen go. They have been linked in recent days to the 6ft 5″ Heracles striker Wout Weghorst and this morning the deal was confirmed.

With Weghorst in, there is nothing holding up the move for Janssen other than the predictable hardball tactics from Daniel Levy. The strategy seems to be to force AZ to accept a lower bid than they’d like, for a player that has already turned down a transfer to Paris St-Germain, as he is so set on a move to White Hart Lane.

It’s a risky game to play, especially considering that Janssen impressed tonight by scoring twice in 45 minutes for AZ, in their friendly victory over Polderse Selectie. If Spurs don’t make a move soon, they could well find that another club will decide to pay what the Dutch club wants. He might have turned down PSG, but Tottenham should not be banking on him rejecting other clubs, particularly if we continue to frustrate everyone with our recruiting tactics.



  1. Levy loves a game of cat and mouse but he still hasn’t realised that his games have cost us and will again if he doesn’t do something soon.

  2. Why is it levy rises to post the price the club’s want and we end up missing then add they sign fit other teams, West ham n crystal palace can pay the money but spurs can’t getting to be a bloody joke.

  3. Why is it levy refuses to pay the price the club’s want and we end up missing them and other clubs end up signing them, West ham and crystal palace can pay the fee bit spurs can’t, getting to be a bloody joke.

  4. Agree with all of the above. Just for once Levy needs to cut the crap, stop trying to screw every last penny out of AZ Alkmaar and just close the fucking deal. We need a striker, this guy seems like the business and is good value for money at today’s inflated prices. So let’s get it done and dusted.

  5. Levy sort out these transfers.The clubs got money because of people like me so start spending and bring in another striker.COYS yidarmy.Lets push for champions league

  6. None of us know what Levy is or is not doing – don’t believe everything you read!

    He’s the best Chairman in the EPL.

  7. I must be the only person who thinks Dl is getting it right. Every player has a price not the asking price but his true value. Clubs do this to us when buying our players but I don’t hear fans calling for them to pay a better price. If this fellow is over priced then Dl is within his right to hold back. We pay for a player and if he plays in Europe then we need to get him at the correct price in case he does not work out.

  8. I have some sympathy for the Levy apologists, but is it not negligent to rely on Kane for a whole season, in the hope he doesn’t get injured? And is it not the case that we might have had more seasons in the Champions League and perhaps one or two trophies to boot if Levy’s transfer policy had been more professional and organised? How many times did we not invest to push us over the line, only to endure continued disappointment? The Levy apologists can only defend so far before the argument starts to wear thin!

  9. Remember that DL paid the price for the players he bought with the Gareth Bale money and look what happened with those! Pay what YOU think is the right price. If more clubs did this we wouldn’t have all these prema donnas and maybe it wouldn’t cost so much to support our club.

  10. 2 million Euros It’s not real money Pay the man We’ll be moving players on Money is not the problem it’s Levy’s ego Every club knows we desperately need a striker Get the job done COYS


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