Yesterday we examined the likelihood of Mario Gotze’s rumoured transfer to Spurs and came to the conclusion that while possible, it seemed a little unlikely.

Yet fresh news from The Independent has offered some hope. They claim that Bayern Munich are only looking for £20m for Gotze, with the 24-year old’s contract expiring in the summer.

Such a valuation – at a time when the club are being quoted £25m for Georginio Wijnaldum – makes Gotze not just affordable, but a bargain.

As we discussed yesterday, to merely match Gotze’s salary would break the wage structure of the club, but this is of course a more realistic option if the transfer fee is relatively low.

If Tottenham are going to have any chance of hanging on to highly-coveted stars like Hugo Lloris and Harry Kane in the long-term, then they will eventually have to pay the going rate for players of their quality. Gotze’s signing could set these wheels in motion.

Bayern are certainly looking to offload the player, with Chief Executive Karl-Heinz Rummenigge having this to say on Gotze’s future:

“We made everything clear to Mario.

“He knows what the club thinks and he knows what the future coach thinks. Mario has to consider for himself whether he wants to constantly get minutes.”

What’s clear is this. If Bayern are willing to let Gotze go for just £20m, it won’t be long before someone pays them what they want. Whether Spurs decided to be that club will tell us a lot about their ambition.



  1. Would be a magnificent signing. Along with Wanyama & Janssen our buying should nearly be complete. I would love to see us also shift out Bentaleb, Mason & Carol, and replace them with Witsel.

    Dier Dembele Witsel & Wanyama would leave 4 very good players for the holding midfield spots in Pochettino’s formation. Squad rotation will be key with the UCL.

    Kane and Janssen up top will be more than enough.

    Gotze Eriksen & Alli as the attacking mid’s – Chadli Son & Lamela rotating (N’jie & Onomah should leave on loan).

    Our defence might just need the addition of another right footed CB, but Dier can cover if we dont find someone who’ll accept limited game-time and of the same calliber as Wimmer. Full-Backs and GK’s we obviously have.


    alternatively/squad rotation


    One more CB should probably happen. He’ll be young, full of potential, and a bargain deal.

    Tell me that squad cant win the league..


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  2. There must be a strong chance Daniel will want to beat down the price by half a million and pay over 10 years. That approach is the biggest danger to this deal

    • Oh, let’s all be so negative all the time!
      If you’re such a wiz kid chairman/accountant/business brain, why aren’t you running THFC as you can obviously do a far better job!

  3. I agree with everything but witzel if gotze comes he will be our last big money target with as u say maybe another cb because even though dier can cover cb if we r forced to play him then there more than a handful of times u risk upsetting him and then who knows the next thing u know he’s on the move

  4. Let’s see who we sign first but would defo have wimmer before Jan , Mopo should never have put him back in last season , Kevin and Toby were magnificent together , really hope we get Jansen but why do Bayern want to get rid of gotze ?

  5. I can’t see Witsel happening because of his wage demands. I think Badelj is a more realistic option. Much as Levy’s approach drives me mad at times, the new stadium is a massive outlay and maintaining a sensible wage structure is critical. Totally agree on the need for a quality right-footed CB as cover. God forbid if Dier and Alderweireld were both out we’d have an issue. Mason, Carrol to go I think. N’Jie is having his first proper pre-season with us and he’s fit so let’s see what he can do. Son needs another season as well to adjust to the physicality of the PL. Bentaleb I just don’t know….

  6. I thought Gotze is a good player quite nimble and can read the game well. He will definitely be a good addition. …. we also need Janssen to happen too.

  7. Spurs are being linked with so many players you would think we need to replace almost the whole squad with all these transfer rumours! IMO we need to buy at least one striker to support Kane, another attacking midfielder that can chip in 10+ goals as season and a right sided CB. Jenssen would be a good signing but from their I just hope we bring in more quality from a league that won’t take them a season or 2 to adapt.


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