At a time when it’s never been more expensive to be a football fan, Spurs have come up with an offer for our supporters that screams value.

With Tottenham’s Champions League games to take place at Wembley next season, the club are offering fans the chance to buy a multi-game ticket covering all three group games. At tickets starting at £70, rising to a top price of £150, Spurs supporters have the chance to watch the Champions League at a relatively low cost.

With Wembley’s full capacity of 90,000 in play, it’s clear that the plan is to fill the stadium rather the club’s coffers. Here’s how Tottenham fans reacted to the good news.



  1. Ok, but can non members or those who r fed up spending £49,just for the supposed privilege of being a bronze member buy tickets. Because that’s the way ahead. Get rid or reduce the ridiculous members exorbitant fees. U get next to nothing for it. And then attract more members. Stop taking previous years points off a member. If u buy tkts u deserve to keep points year after year. We will c


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