Tottenham are going about their transfer business in a timely fashion, already picking up two players in Victor Wanyama and Vincent Janssen to fill previously gaping gaps in the squad.

Yet it wouldn’t really feel like summer if there wasn’t one lengthy will-they-won’t-they transfer saga to get out teeth into. It was the West Bromwich Albion striker Saido Berahino who was the object of our affections this time last year, but his club’s valuation ultimately proved too much and Spurs failed to get a deal done.

This year the target that proves elusive could be Newcastle’s Georginio Wijnaldum. Reports claim that the relegated Magpies are holding out for a £25m fee for the attacking midfielder.

Despite Newcastle’s relegation, Wijnaldum had a successful season on an individual level, scoring 11 Premier League goals. He’d surely be a useful addition to the squad, but for £25m you’d be hoping to acquire a player that would be a guaranteed improvement on the first-choice team.

This looks like one that has the potential to run and run, unless the club choose to switch targets, with the Mainz midfielder Yunus Malli a more affordable alternative.



  1. There is a major difference however between the two as right now we are only monitoring Gregorio with saidho we did everything short if pay the astronomical fee asked by west brom to aquire him. New castle are posturing they can’t possibly expect all these crazy fees and get them and if the force these players to stay they face the very real danger of unhappy players like wijndilum and sissoko sabotaging a season keeping new castle in the championship another season and sending both players values plummeting. I jus don’t see this working out well for new castle if they keep this hard line stance as both players seem very upset with the current circumstances and it’s only mid July. I don’t think this is a job Benitez is comfortable with and I don’t think he is handling his players properly. Time will tell but I don’t see this ending well for the players or the magpies at least spurs have options

  2. If I was to choose one of the toon players it would be sissoko, he can play anywhere from DM CM AM or wide, he’s a monster! Wilnaudum looks a tidy enough lively little player, but I think we can do better,, especially for the silly money they want,. I prefer the idea of getting Christian Tello (played under Poch with the pedigree of La Maisa, so knows hard work and had quality, and half the price of Winauldum!!!

    For me,. The dreams I me would be Axel Witsel & Tello in, with Carrol & Mason released/sold, along with Chadli,. Id like to see Bentaleb brought back in the fold as he’s a quality player and a traditional ‘all action’ midfielder, great cover to have!! That just leaves right side of CB,.. I’d love CCV covering Toby,. He might not be ready of course, so if we could find a well priced CB I’d add them to the mix too,. Other than that we’ve got Onomah Edwards Winks & Pritchard to develop further this year! Great times!! COYS

    • Bentaleb? Worst if the bunch by a mile! If your into players that can’t read the game and constantly gives away possession he’s your man!

      • Haha,. I respectfully disagree champ, he’s got more ability than Mason, I hear what you’re saying as he hasn’t been producing due to injury and attitude (which is far worse an accusation) but he’s the better player out of all of them,. People are clinging onto his error against United but walker has a brain fart every other game when he’s at his best so I think that’s a bit short sighted

  3. WHY WHY WHY are we not now snapping up Berahino???? Half the price he was last year, wages wouldn’t be high, lightening fast, and would surely be an excellent compliment to the two bigger guys (Kane and Jansen). How can we be so desperate to sign him last year, and then nothing, less than 12 maths on??????

  4. My thoughts exactly, berahino wants to come, but having said that, it could be time to introduce some youth team players such as Shayon Harrison,Aramide Oteh etc etc

  5. Re; Berahinio,. It might be that Peace won’t deal with Levy now, or maybe Mitchell/Poch think he showed a bad attitude over the whole thing or are concerned about his fitness, but it’s really weird to offer 25 mil and th forget it,.. It would be great to have a player of that profile tho, a modern day JD!

  6. I must agree with Matt. I haven’t got statistics but if you look at the games Bentaleb played last season he must give away possession more than anyone else in the team. I’m pretty sure that he gave away the ball at United resulting in the Walker og.
    With Wanyama added to the midfield Bentaleb should be sold

  7. New to this forum but can see Bentaleb being sold. Poch seems to like strong athletic midfielders and Bentaleb is lightweight even without his mistakes. Shame as he’d probably be great for us in the days when were languishing between 6-10th but we’ve developed. Same reason why Townsend (attidude as well) was sold and Dawson to some extent.
    Agree with Henry though – Witsel didn’t do anything special at the Euros for someone attracting so much attention. I’d be tempted to look at Capoue again – he refocused on his football at Watford, still relatively young, athletic, good with the ball (anyone see the MOTD piece when he megged 3 of our players in succession), possibly cheap and should settle back in easy


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