Bild have reported that Mario Gotze will return to Borussia Dortmund from Bayern Munich in a £19m deal.

Gotze had been linked to a shock move to Spurs in recent weeks, with the club at one point rumoured to be favourites to land the German international.

However, in recent days this speculation has cooled. Though the fee of £19m is something of a bargain for the 24-year old, Gotze’s salary of €140,000-a-week was always likely to be the stumbling block in any potential deal, with that figure exceeding what’s paid to the biggest earners at Tottenham.

Spurs will now turn their attention fully to other attacking midfield targets such as Newcastle’s Georginio Wijnaldum and the Mainz star Yunus Malli.



  1. Did anybody seriously believe this was anything more than his agent and the media trying to build a demand for him. We only want players that want to play for us, not those who play for the money.

  2. pleased he’s not joining. massively overrated. we can make far better use of the money and wages he would have cost…..let’s just hope we do. COYS

  3. A non starter from the get go. The media love speculating, linking every random worldwide to Spurs. It’s becoming so tedious that you have to take most of it if not all of it with a large pinch of salt unless like our recent 2 new signings, the players actually come out and say that they want to join Spurs and are dissapointed when their clubs won’t let them leave. We’ve seen it first Hand in recent years with Modric, Bale and previously Berbatov. Goetz is better suited to german football and going back home is no disgrace, maybe he can recapture the spark that interested Bayern in the first place.

  4. I Agree this was never a possibility for spurs think about it spurs don’t do rebuilding projects especially ones with an ego and that will shatter our wage scale transfer fees are not as important as wage structure and this is the exact reason y this was truly a non starter wijndelum is a definately possibility but I’m leaning towards tello as our next signing he jus fits the mold better a young upstart for poch to mold into what he needs no huge ego to coddle and a hunger to compete for a position rather than have it handed to him I’m no insider but my money is on the camp neu young gun

  5. £16M for Gotze vs. £25M for Wijnaldum? One is a World Cup winner, and is on a team that consistently wins. Whereas the other was part of a team that got relegated. Bundesliga vs. EPL 🙁


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