Tottenham look likely to make their third signing of the summer, with Georges-Kevin Nkoudou set to follow Vincent Janssen and Victor Wanyama to White Hart Lane.

All three deals fit the current template for the type of player being targeted by the club. They are young, relative bargains in the modern transfer market and though talented, are not yet the finished product.

There seems to be a divide amongst Spurs fans as to whether this is the right approach. While the majority seem happy for the club to continue a strategy that has proved successful, there are also those that think that having made a title challenge last season, the time is to push on and add proven class to the ranks.

Teams that finished outside the top four last season have added the type of players who they can realistically expect to hit the ground running and make an immediate impact, such as Chelsea’s purchase of N’Golo Kante and Manchester United’s signing of Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

In light of the improvements that our rivals are likely to make due to their stellar signings and new managers, is Tottenham’s transfer policy going to be enough to see us compete for honours again?



  1. With the TV money and champions league money we should be targeting proven quality players ! Levy is shopping at pound land again while ur rivals are spending big

  2. I think the most important role now is the AML. If we are to believe that Njie can’t cut it then we need someone like Wijnaldum regardless of cost. Nkoudou, for me is no better than Njie and we would be swapping like for like. I think one big signing plus West hams Oxford would be what we need.

  3. I’m torn about our transfers this year. We needed support for Kane, so we got Janssen. I’m good with that. Wanyama is a beast and will allow us flexibility and even allow us to change formations (4-1-4-1, 4-3-3, 4-4-2).

    The Nkoudou rumors are ones that I am not sure about. I will keep an open mind about him until he gets a chance to prove himself. I trust in Poch, though. It seems that he wants players of a certain calibre and a certain promise. He seems to steer clear of players with big names, big egos and big price tags. I know Levy focuses more on the price than does Poch.

    It doesn’t seem like we are acting like how we’ve always done business. We are buying and buying. Normally we would look for the best deals and sell as much as we buy. Maybe Poch has convinced Levy to loosen the purse strings and allow him to do his thing. Our team is huge, regardless. We need to sell some deadweight and loan some fringe players out. If we sell some of the non-essential players, we could use that money (20-35 million pounds) to snag another strong player. I don’t know how I feel about dropping 50+ million on one player, especially since it could jeopardize team chemistry.

  4. What a load of bollocks. This manager selects the players he wants not the chairman. Wanyama is proven, Janssen is not at this moment in time. Neither Dier or Alli were proven when they joined the club either. Why must the club shell out over the top money just to appease some idiots who know FA.

  5. Ray speaks the truth. Spending big money for the sake of it is madness, especially given how well we’ve done on a more reasoned policy. Also NKoudou looks like a player of real quality and I think ten mil will look like a massive bargain by January.

  6. The reality is that with the stadium build well under way excess cash will be channelled into that project. I don’t expect Spurs to be spending 30 million plus on anybody.

  7. Ray is right. The new stadium needs paying for, the team do not need anyone likely to upset a good dressing room. Last year we exceeded any prospects we may have had. we start the season with no DMF; One striker; a goalkeeper going to MU, etc etc .yet finished a credible third. The one thing that we did have was a team that played for each other; no super stars just 11 good players trying week in week out, using the managers system. Leicester had the same and they came top. So if you want Higuin, aged 28, cost £ 75 million, who is going to get no better, or have a reasonable sell on value, go down the road and support the other lot. I remember great times at this club and feel them coming back again.

  8. Remember all the money we wasted in the wake of the Bale sale. So called
    top and proven players (Eriksen and Lamela apart) who cost fortunes and
    Now look at the way football has recently gone …where ‘the
    team’ counts for far more than the individual. Eg Leicester, us ..Iceland ..Wales ..
    Italy even.
    Poch has provided the right balance of teamwork, unity and fitness, and created
    a fine side out of youth and potential, linked with some good experienced and
    committed players.
    Remember Alan Hanson’s jibe at Fergie (you can’t win anything with kids)?
    Sure, there have been mistakes and a reluctance to invoke a plan B during some matches,
    and a falling away at the end of the season, but instead of ‘collecting’ top players for vast sums and hoping a team may emerge from doing that, note that the opposite is true with us.
    From out of OUR ‘team’ top players have emerged, with more improvement (hopefully) still to come.
    In the past (again Klinsman and Ginola apart) we’ve also brought in famous players who were past their sell-by-date ie Last Hurrah players, and little has come from it, either in an impact way, or through influencing younger players for the good of the team.
    Even with Bale and Modric, when we finished 4th in 2011, and reached the quarters
    of the CL the following season, we were still not balanced as a ‘team’. Now we are.
    So I trust Poch.
    I trust him to buy and develop young players he feels can fit in to his framework, ethos and system.
    I trust him with bringing out the potential of players sooner rather than later.
    He will continue to make mistakes, but I’m excited about the season ahead and what
    we can achieve through real ‘togetherness’ and fighting for each other.
    Let the Man Us and Chelseas and Cities try and glue their huge ego signings into some sort
    of a team (can you imagine Ibramovich at Spurs?, no a thousand times no). We’ll just
    forge our team, and look forward to the battles ahead.

  9. Totally agree with comments above, but I can’t help feeling that we would benefit from having a little experience in the squad. One or two more players around the 28-29 age mark, to provide a steady head in the big games and leadership when most needed (the battle of Stamford bridge last season showed how badly we lacked that). Big signings will follow in time but not needed right now. The core is sound. We can’t play high press every game all season though, need to learn how to win games with minimal possession and on the counter. Still some way to go, but feeling more positive than I have done in a while…..


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