Reports claim that Spurs are interested in signing the Aston Villa youngster Andre Green.

The 17-year old winger made two Premier League appearances last season – one against Tottenham – and has represented England at U16 and U17 level.

Green turns 18 this week and has featured in Villa’s friendlies over the summer, as the Birmingham club prepares for life in the Championship. The new Villa manager Roberto Di Matteo brought Green off the bench yesterday to play the last 30 minutes of Villa’s 1-0 victory over Nantes.

This might well be a case of Tottenham monitoring the progress of an impressive young player with an eye to a future signing, rather than making a move before the transfer window closes. Watch Green in action – he’s the one playing on the left flank – in Villa’s FA Youth Cup clash with Crystal Palace last season.



  1. Tough he’s under contract and now we have an owner who doesn’t see Villa as a selling club he’s going nowhere! However your in look as, for one day only, we’re doing a BOGOF offer Gabby & Richards for the price of one + we will let you have Lescott @ half price!

    • Lol, he’ll want out of Championship soon enough..and want European Football soon enough.. we will watch..if happy.. we will get him..a club that plays youth.. is a tasty thought for a young Player

    • Or even “you’re an idiot”, players will leave you regardless because who the hell wants to live in a dump like Birmingham compared to more money and living in London. If a player wants to leave they will leave, regardless of chairman or manager, no one wants an unhappy player in their squad, look at what happened to WBA with berahino, terrible season and getting less than half the money for him now, they look stupid and so will villa fans if theyre dense enough to believe they’re ‘history’ and club matters to anyone but themselves.

  2. Yeah because Tottenham and London in general is a real utopian metropolis isn’t it…… Typical southern ignorance. Dump doesn’t come close.

    The kid would not see a minute of 1st team football at Spurs, would be sent out on loan to rot. Better to stay and get game time rather than be another in the Spurs young player graveyard

    • Some serious Villa fligs in here. Seemingly clueless and carrying on like the kid will be happy with Championship soon..what will happen. Is we will watch his progress and if we are happy we will buy him.. Poch is known for giving youth a go..and Young players (Unlike you idiots) know we offer European Football..So again if we want. We will get. END OF STORY

  3. james pal you’re the one bringing up Villa’s history. Green wouldn’t leave anyway as he’ll likely get first team football this season whereas there’s no chance of that at Tottenham. Green is from Birmingham so I’d suggest he would like to live in Birmingham. You need to calm down, slagging off Birmingham for no reason whatsoever.

  4. Think James was being a bit harsh on our Brummie brethren. But to say Spurs have a young player graveyard is folly and ridiculous. If he’s good enough, he’ll get game time for sure. Pochettino is a manager to bring through good English youth, we’ve all seen that.
    I for one rate Andre Gray really highly, and hope he develops at Villa. But if we were to come in for him and get him, he would be in very good company and at the RIGHT club.

  5. I wont slate Birmingham, or Aston villa. I felt sorry you guys were relegated. As I am for most clubs who make the drop.
    However to say things like
    He would “rot” in spurs youth grave? I think you may be thinking of Chelsea….. Spurs have a great youth system. And I’d wager would get just as much chance at Spurs as at villa. If he had it in him.
    Spurs have developed and found some very good youth players who we play…. Note the youngest squad in the prem last season ( and almost winning the league but less on that :/……. }
    If you keep him then great, if we buy him ( funnily enough someone mentioned he’s within contract…. What do you think we do ? Steal players? ) and he makes it great.
    Good luck to you Aston villa on your promotion charge this season

  6. Great comment De-Bear, was thinking exactly the same. No point slagging off geographical areas in a football debate. He does look like a good prospect, whether or not he is on par with the youth setup we already have at Spurs is debatable, though, especially as we already have Marcus Edwards pushing for the first team. If Poch wants him and Villa accept a bid, great. If not , then I wish him and the rest of the Villa players / fans luck this season , hope you bounce straight back up.

  7. If I hear we are buying more Youth I think ill call it a day after 55 years supporting Spurs.

    We lack top players , youth is tomorrow, we need proven players. Wijnaldum would have cemented our season , a snip at 25 mill, not buying a French kid for 11 mill that we make money out of.
    Why is our chairman, our yes man manager so blind to our needs!!!! my frustration is boiling.

    • Fuck off then Stu..dont bother supporting. No club needs fans like you..youth are the key to the future you flog..

      Wijnaldum isn’t worth 20mill let alone 25mill..N’koudou is better an cheaper.

      Seems your are blind to our needs..

  8. We are building nicely and going in the right direction stu and if the kid is half as good as alli will be good alli gonna be one of the best 5mil wij 25 mil Utd give that for makaterian and that mans class.

  9. Sorry I slow getting back with a responce but I have a life! My memory of once living in Nth London was his similar Spurs fans were to the Brummie Blue noses! A chip on their shoulder for always being second to your grown up more successful and better looking neighbours! And always being owned by people who were one step up from Ridley Rd market traders! I know that players have power so let’s just wait & see where this young man is next season! p.s the BOGOF offer is still available till midnight!


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