Tottenham lost 2-1 to Juventus earlier today, but the second-half performance was a positive one, as a host of youngsters helped to turn the game around.

Spurs were 2-0 down at half-time, but fought back and could easily have forced an equaliser. Of the kids who sparked the revival, it was Marcus Edwards whose appearance was most anticipated.

The 17-year old has been likened to Lionel Messi in style and he showed off his close control as he impressed against the Italian champions. Here’s how Tottenham fans reacted to his performance on Twitter.



  1. Lads let’s not get carried away here, he’s 17 has not played a second of PL football yet, he’s far to small for the PL and don’t even say Messi is little, so was Aaron Lennon and look what happened there, only done 1 good thing in a Spurs shirt in 10 years and that was to score against Chelski at the Lane.

    Let’s see what happens

  2. I’m guessing you don’t actually watch games then Dave Faunch?
    At times, Lennon was fantastic!
    Luka Modric was small and one the the most technically gifted players we will ever see at Tottenham

  3. Dave you are really harsh about Aaron Lenin. You are possibly a good man , calculated without caring about the good , sentimental and real side of the game. I think seriously that people who UNDERTAND soccer and its roots know and appreciate Lenin’s contribution/s. Is it his fault that NO coach at Spurs appreciated his talent and transformed it into something really valuable ? Just asking you to spare a thought. Have a good day!!!!


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