Mauricio Pochettino might want to see Nabil Bentaleb leave the club this summer, but it could prove difficult to find a willing taker.

The Independent yesterday reported that the club want at least £10m for Bentaleb and that few Premier League clubs are interested at that price.

This could be bad news for Spurs, as reports from Portugal claim that Bentaleb’s agent has turned down a move to Benfica on behalf of his client, as the Algerian wants to stay in England.

If Bentaleb remains determined to stay in the Premier League but no club will match his valuation, a loan deal would seem the most likely way forward.

With four years remaining on his contract, Tottenham could allow Bentaleb to leave on a season-long loan deal without having to worry about his value declining dramatically. Indeed, should Bentaleb find a club where he can play regularly again and rebuild his reputation, his value could very well increase.

In the long-term a loan deal for Bentaleb could work well for Spurs, but if Pochettino was hoping to boost his transfer fund this summer, he might be disappointed.



  1. Given Dier’s Portugese background maybe Benfica might be best for Bentaleb otherwise Sunderand or Palace would be good options but 10 M seems cheap for such an asset

    • Your high sehl bentaleb is good and most of us are sad to see him go but that statement is crap and will probably get laughed off this site and any other that u bring that nonsense into but I agree with pretty much everyone else he’s worth 10 easy in this market and how is his reputation destroyed he was hurt a lot of last year and played about 40 games the year before so not sure where that’s too much for him

    • Smething must be wrong with the coach, it is not about the capabilities, because Bentaleb is a very talented player.
      The question I ask. Is Why the coach waited too long to let him know about him Leaving ?
      I believe the coach wants to punish Bentaleb, because there is no obvious reasons why to have him leave, Again in my opinion he is Better than Mason and Caroll..
      I wish Bentaleb can prouve that the coach is wrong and I wish this situation will not affect him, because this is a sad football situtions

  2. Bentaleb is better than Carrol Mason Pitchard Son and Chadli. He can play left side midfield in the 3 next to Harry Kane if we want to hang on to a lead an keep a game tight. We have no left footed Midfield players as defensive. Please keep him. Another player that should revert to a holding midfielder as a left sided player is Kevin Wimmer. he could be the next Dier but with a left foot. Who in the team can use the ball like him?

    Clivey spurs

  3. I’m fairly sure that I’ve watched Bentaleb as much as anybody else on this sight, and I don’t know what it is you all have seen. He’s a dilettante who reads games poorly, makes terrible mistakes and doesn’t play the holding position as if he knows what he’s supposed to be doing.
    I’ve never seen him rotate to cover a fullback, I’ve never seen him track the opposing 10 into the box on a late run and he doesn’t find his man on set pieces. He has physical gifts which the club recognized early, but he’s got a 10 cent head to go with the million pound boot which is why he has slipped back so substantially. Certainly the injuries haven’t helped, but in the long term if he works hard, he’ll make a decent enough championship player. Nothing more.
    His value reflects his age and the length of his contract and the fact that maybe, just maybe the penny will drop for him. For what he is right now £10 million would be outstanding.

    • Hi Larry,

      I really do respect your opinion but that tells me that you are far from understanding and reading good football. If you are not able to recognize how gifted is Bentley and players like him you will never be able to appreciate any player’s talent.

      Rspectfully .


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