The Sun have claimed that Spurs are ready to launch a bid for the Leicester City midfielder Danny Drinkwater.

It’s reported that Leicester have failed to reward Drinkwater with a new contract for his part in their Premier League win and Tottenham are considering taking advantage with a £20m bid.

While it’s true that Spurs are in the market for a central midfielder it would perhaps be a surprise if that man was Drinkwater. A £20m fee is not insignificant and though Drinkwater is hardly old at 26, he’s got some years on the other midfielders linked to Spurs this week – such as Ante Coric, Yunus Malli and Youri Tielemans – who perhaps seem more typical of a Tottenham signing these days.

There’s also the little matter that N’Golo Kante aside, Leicester have so far managed to hold on to their biggest stars, despite considerable interest in Riyad Mahrez and Jamie Vardy.

Indeed, Drinkwater didn’t sound particularly unhappy when quizzed on his future with the Foxes just last week: “I am not going chasing the club. It is up to them to approach me. I would love to commit but I just want to play football.

“I still have two years left on my contract so it is not a be all and end all if I don’t sign a new one in the next few weeks.

“I’m still under contract so I can’t really say too much but I’m a Leicester City player at the minute. It’s up to them how they handle it.”

We’re sure that the club are monitoring Drinkwater’s situation but that’s probably as far as it goes for now. He’s certainly a player who would add ability and experience to the ranks, but this story is only likely to prompt Leicester to finally get around to offering Drinkwater a new deal.



  1. The name Spurs is linked to every random across the World by the nonces in the media at home and abroad. They need to write some shit, any shit will do. Drinkwater certainly isnt any better than the players we currently have anyway and he certainly wont make any improvement to the team. Going to be interesting to see how he fares without Kante by his side.

  2. Don’t believe this one Drinkwater is mediocre player that that was playing well on pure momentum last season with a team playing outta their skin

  3. Ian you hit the nail on the head. However what is wrong in having a player playing out of their skin? We had failed to to play out of our skins in last 5 games hence why we had faded. Is he worth the money??????????

  4. Why is no-one into this? Drinkwater’s solid. Not saying he’d start over any of our current three but he’d provide good competition, his range of passing is definitely better than any of our CMs.


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