Spurs have named their squad for the match against Inter Milan in Oslo and there are some interesting absentees.

Jan Vertonghen is still out injured and Nabil Bentaleb and Clintion Njie were expected to be omitted, but some of the other players left out are more surprising.

The squad has no place for Nacer Chadli, Josh Onomah, Kyle Walker-Peters, Victor Wanyama and DeAndre Yedlin. We assume that Wanyama has picked up an injury, as might have Onomah – though it’s possible that Onomah and/or Walker-Peters are being sent out on loan to gain more experience.

The future looks far bleaker for Nacer Chadli and DeAndre Yedlin. Chadli has been linked with a move to Swansea in recent weeks, while Yedlin remains a target for Sunderland.

Yedlin may well return to Sunderland for another loan spell, but Chadli looks likely to be sold at this juncture. In a week when two fringe players have already left the club, could the squad be trimmed further in the coming days?



  1. I also find it confusing, that Spurs are chasing wingers, when we don’t use wingers, we use our full backs, that’s why we let Lennon go, wrong and we also let Townsend go, wrong, so whats with buying French wingers who are probably not as good as the ones we have released, makes no sense to me at all.

    • Yeh your spot on with that one I’ll never forgive for selling Townsend brilliant impact player,not impressed with signings so far we just having got a natural ball player anymore and why give Lamela 75grand a week when eriksen on 30 grand,

    • Lennon wouldn’t play on yhe left and we use inverted wingers not traditional wingers so he left and Townsend wouldn’t do as instructed and had no end product.Both were the right decisions as last season showed.

  2. The replacements that we bring in may not be as good as Dross and Aaron, but they can’t be much worse. The system we play would never have suited Lennon, who for all his ‘bags of pace’ seemed incapable of delivering a cross.
    Likewise Dross for all his alleged ability was one of the most profligate wasters of good opportunities. Within 30 yards of goal, give it a whack! Releasing both made good sense, one would assume Lennon was on a decent salary and the money offered for Dross was good.
    I would assume we’re not after wingers per se, but rather inside forwards or inverted wingers. Chadli isn’t that, N’Jie apparently isn’t anything and Pritchard isn’t that and was simply unfortunate to have injured himself in a nothing tournament last summer.

    • Lennon was a fantastic player for Spurs. We shouldn’t have got rid of him. Load of crap saying he couldn’t cross. He set up loads of goals. And would have set up more if we had a better striker. But in saying that he is gone and we need strengthening our first team with some real quality. All we do is go for cheap second rate players

      • Lennon couldn’t cross, his strength was his pace. Get to the line and cut the ball back. The times when he did cross they mostly went wrong.
        He played with enough good strikers/forwards with differing skill sets that he should have found at least one that he could supply well but he didn’t.
        Even Defoe (who I see as the best striker to complement Lennon due to his box play) couldn’t make Lennon shine so it’s either Lennon wasn’t as good as you think (I’m not saying he was crap, he was good but only ever good) he was or that spurs never got a striker with the right skills to take advantage of Lennon’s limited skill set.
        Lennon played with: Mido, Defoe, Keane, Barnard, Berbatov, Bent, Campbell, Pavlyuchenko, Crouch, Guðjohnsen, Saha, Obika, Lancaster, Dos Santos, Kane, Adebayor, Coulthirst, Ceballos, Soldado… I’m not sure if I missed anyone out?
        My point here is, look at those names, the amazing range of skill sets in that list and yet Lennon couldn’t really strike up an understanding with any of them. Lennon should have changed his game to suit his striker if he were able but his abilities were so limited that any striker we had would have to adapt to suit Lennon, Strikers don’t often do that!
        Lennon wasn’t good enough to build a team around.

  3. Why is carroll and mason in the squad their not premier league players when carroll plays the game passes him by not strong enough

  4. Presumably putting them both in the shop window in the hope that one or both might do something Youtube worthy that gets them snapped up by a Championship club


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