German newspaper Bild suggests Heung-Min Son could be on his way back to the Bundesliga with Wolfsburg and Tottenham agreeing a €30 million fee for the attacker, which works out at around £26 million.

The deal would see Spurs make a profit on yet another squad player deemed surplus to requirements. Unlike Nacer Chadli and Ryan Mason, who are also linked with imminent moves away from the club, Son was involved in Tottenham’s 18-man squad for the 1-1 draw with Liverpool on Saturday.

But Josh Onomah and Harry Winks were both preferred to Son when it came to making substitutions, which perhaps signals the end of the South Korean’s short Spurs career.

Son’s first season in England was interrupted by a number of niggling injuries. Many believed he simply needed a run of games in order to find some kind of form, but a place in the starting eleven for Son is looking increasingly unlikely with more attacking recruits likely to arrive before Wednesday’s transfer deadline.

What do you think? Are Tottenham right to sell Son? Is £26 million too good to turn down?



  1. You have got to be shitting me. Chadli and Son both gone? This summer goes from to disaster to worse everytime I check if we’ve signed someone to find we’ve sold another of our better players.

  2. Son is an amazing talent, we would be fools to let him go. Last season was his first for Spurs and he was out with a few injuries, yet he still managed to play very well most of the time. It would be terrible if Spurs sell Son, he is the best player in Asia and one of the best players in the world! He is only 24 years old as well, letting him go would be a huge mistake!

  3. Really dissapointed to see Son go if true – for various reasons the guy was never given a decent run in the side to prove his worth yet after just a year were moving him on, yet Lamela was given nearly three seasons. Son is a class act with a great character, worth ethic and ability. A lot of Spurs success last season was due to the stability of the squad, looks like were going back to the revolving door policy on transfers.

  4. Yes your right I have been a surporter for some 55 years .and don’t like the way Levy is selling to pay for stadium when we where told ,2difernt pots of money .we have lot’s of compitishion this year we need lot’s of players COYS

  5. I would keep him. Son is a decent player and as far as I know has a bit of champs League experience, but could be wrong.
    We could do with a Mane type player as need more pace up top.
    Fingers crossed we can get some decent signings through the door.

  6. I hope it is all rumors. Otherwise, Levy is about to sell half of the squad, leaving Poch with mostly youngsters. I won’t say anything until it is confirmed, but IF it is true, and he does not bring in replacements, well then, Goodbye Tottenham for me.

  7. Spurs better have some rabbits jumping out of hats in the next 72 hours. Son is a good player and I would hate to see him leave Levy always worries me

  8. Nooo, Son Heung Min is one of our best players, we can’t let him go! The boy is class and his creativity and scoring instincts are crucial to our success. We already let Bentaleb go which was a huge mistake, so there is no way we should let Son go. Son will be key to our success next season, both in the Premier League and the Champions League!

  9. Son is one of the only decent ambidextrous players in football. Chadli is an intelligent, tricky, pacy and very prolific goalscorer. Both are very proficient at scoring from wide positions. Rather than bringing in a central creator to get the best out of them, we are selling both to buy in unproven players, similar in style, who at best could achieve the level of the two we’re selling.
    I think Poch is a great coach but his player and resource management, combined with what appears to be rabid pennypinching in a time of financial strength are taking the club backwards. I dont think Ive felt this dejected since the day we sacked AVB.
    We are going to need to do something very special in the next couple of days to make this right and NKoudou isnt going to cut it.

  10. Are you lot serious. Son was poor last season, never gets his head up ,looses the ball and doesn’t have the strength to win it back.Not forgetting to mention misplaced passes.Would have liked him to do well but I don’t think he’s cut out for the Premier league. Was probably all a Levy marketing ploy when we signed him to t6ap in to the Korean market.

    Though I would like to think we wouldn’t be selling these players now without having replacements lined up. Isco was a name mentioned but somehow doubt Levy will pull that off.

  11. Once again Spurs go one step forward and two steps back. All Spurs supporters seem to get is bad news. We hear about Paul Mitchell wanting to leave, reports on exciting players may be joining Spurs, players who need to be sold but aren’t due to excessive fees required and transfers nearly always going right down to the last minute but even then falling through because someone keeps moving the goalposts. Now let me think… what is the common denominator in all of this… Daniel bloody Levy. All this guy is interested in is looking good to Joe Lewis and protecting his bank balance. We get so far and then seem to be held back due to lack of commitment and a lack of resources. Look at some of the prices Levy wants for our players and then look at what he’s prepared to offer for players we need. It’s ridiculous as Levy knows nothing about football players but his ego is telling him he does. Take Berahino who was valued at 25 million so Levy offers 12 million and ends up making four bids and each time he bids he is pissing off WBA’s chairman. If he had offered 22 million to start with or even 29 million we would have probably got him. On the other hand when it comes to selling our players he wants top dollar and would rather let a player sit out games for two years and paying him 50k a week rather than sell a couple of million less. That’s a great businessman… I don’t think so. The day Levy leaves I will be so happy.

  12. If Levy sells Heung-Min Son, I will stop going to watch matches at White Hart Lane. This is just getting ridiculous now, Son is one of our best players. His pace and influence on our team was great last season. He was unlucky with a spell on the sidelines injured, but that happens to most players. We need to be keeping our best players and not selling them. I was livid with when we let Bentaleb go, but if we sell Son it will be the straw that broke the camels back. We need to keep Heung-Min Son at Spurs!

  13. We are selling players to bring in a world class player, it’s obvious levy and poch have something happening before deadline. Good business winks, Edwards coming through also, makes sense

  14. Bentaleb, Chadli and now Heung-Min Son to leave Spurs? Levy and Poch have to be kidding right? I thought this club was going places and now I realize that the only place we are going if things continue as they are, is down like a lead balloon! Heung-Min Son cannot be sold at any cost. It is easy to see the kid has quality in abundance. Every week I go to watch Spurs, I always enjoy Son when he plays. His pace is electric and he is more often than not our answer in the final third. Heung-Min Son is an A class player and selling him would be a sin. Instead of contemplating selling him, we should be offering him a new bumper contract!

  15. For me Son started great,got injured and never got his form back,spot on Ben,he was really poor at times later in the season,we need a game changing transfer that can hit the ground running,but we also have excellent academy players,whom I would promote.up the spurs!

  16. Our bench last week was underwhelming We’re in the Champions League FFS we need some more quality, pull ya finger out Levy .

  17. Heung-Min Son must be kept at all costs. He is an extremely talented player and the driving force that we need in offence. He was one of the best players at the Olympic football tournament, if not the best player. Please Levy don’t sell Heung-Min Son.

  18. We have got to start spending to stay close to top 4 people say about the year we spent 110 million but they don’t talk bout how we made 140 million on players the year bale went u can’t break even or make profit every year Prichard 8 million yedlin 5 million that paid for wanyama Chadli if he goes for 13 million nearly pays for janssen so if we sell mason for bout 5 million and son for 25million a manager should be able to spend 30 million for qualifying for champions league so there’s 60 million to spend without the bentalab talk can’t see being true 17 million

  19. It is obvious that Levy wants to finance the new stadium in part with outgoing transfers.It will look pretty bad a 61000 capacity stadium only half full.Pathetic Levy.How long until Pochettino follows the other backroom staff and leaves????….

  20. NOT true. Pure bullshit.
    Just some lazy ass blogger hearing that Wolfsburg might be interested.
    They NEVER made a bid and Son is NOT for sale.
    This shit that passes for journalism is appalling.
    Lazy damn writer who has a blog to put out daily and is NOT accountable for anything written.

  21. Anyone who understands football can see that Heung-Min Son is a class act. His dynamism, creativity and scoring ability make him one of the biggest threats in the Premier League. He is the type of player any top club would be loathed to lose. It would be a travesty if he left Spurs and a terrible business decision on the part of the board. £26 million is peanuts in today’s market for a player of Son’s class.

  22. I don’t believe this rumour to be true. Spurs would never sell Heung-Min Son, especially after we only bought him last summer. He was very good for us in most matches he played and he is a real dangerman. I cant see Pochettino selling him so quick especially because he was our big name signing last summer. There is not even time to replace him with another big name player if we did sell him. It would be stupid to sell Son, he was very good for the most part of last season when he played. We have also sold players so it is not even like we need the money. I like Son we should keep him, he is still young as well.

  23. Son is my favorite Tottenham player. Spurs would be stupid to let him leave I thought they had some ambition? Son Min is a unique player and he is so skillful. It would be crazy to let Son leave even for 40 million pounds. We have the Champions League this season and he is the type of classy player that we need.


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