When Moussa Sissoko sealed his last minute move to Tottenham on deadline day, rumours began to circulate that the player had snubbed Everton at the last minute.

Some reports went as far to suggest the Toffees had landed a private jet in London to fly Sissoko to Merseyside for a medical, but the Frenchman never showed up and turned off his phone.

Sissoko himself has dismissed those reports, claiming he never never left London on deadline day.

Speaking after France’s 3-1 win over Italy on Thursday night, in quotes published by ESPN, Sissoko said: “I never went to Everton.”

He elaborated: “It’s funny. I was watching TV, and I saw that a deal had been done with Everton and that I had signed for them. But I was in London, waiting to sign my contract [at Tottenham].

“The main thing is that I signed for the club I wanted to join. Of course I would have liked it to have happened earlier, but now it’s done.

“I hope to have a good season and I’m happy to be able to play in the Champions League. I have played at a World Cup and a Euro. I was only missing playing for the cup with the big ears [the Champions League].”

It’s possible Sissoko is simply avoiding adding fuel to the gossipy fire surrounding Everton’s embarrassment at missing out on a key target to a rival club at the last minute.



    • Maybe you lot should concentrating on supporting your team instead of constantly slagging off Sissoko? I know it must be difficult, but try.

  1. Beating another team to the punch makes a signing somewhat more special, the fact that Spurs paid £30m for a player no other team were interested in takes the shine of it.

      • Hehe you sound bitter, methinks! That’s what happens when you get screwed. Newcastle 1 – 0 Spurs… in fact, Newcastle 5 – 1 Spurs lolz

    • Actually it’s only £15m as you northern monkeys owe the Spurs money for Yedlin and Townsend and the Spurs only have to pay £6m a year for 5 years but if the Spurs decide to get rid of Sissoko after 2 seasons the Spurs will only have to pay £12m meaning you northern idiots will still owe Spurs £3m so it’s Levy 1 Ashley 0

  2. you’re all moron’s, ashley and levy are buddies and there is no way spurs paid 30m for sissoko. there will be clauses and add ons to make up the cost and perhaps a buyback clause if things don’t work out and the geordies get back in the epl. he is a class player but we’ll see how it plays out. COYS!

  3. Banter is great between fans, no hatred just mixed opinions. I have enjoyed watching Spurs over the last couple of seasons because you play great football. Us ‘Northern Monkeys’ have watched Sissoko for the past 3 seasons, whether or not you pay £30 million , £6 million per year or Levy takes Ash out for a curry…..We are not bothered. We had to get rid of him and we are very happy to get what we did. Bloody hell we have made some shocking signings over the years but you just get on with it.

    You never know Poch could be the making of him, base it over the season though not the first few games. We are told by Tim KRUL right up to the window closed he was waiting for Juventus of Milan, he has spent the last two years begging for Arsenal (his boyhood team) to come in for him, his agent was the one who contacted Everton and instigated that move.

    Trust us Monkeys, we know Sissoko and whether he does well or not we are so pleased he has left….Off to buy some banana’s…..

    Genuinely all the best for the season ahead.


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