Tottenham fans happiest in country with our squad

Tottenham fans happiest in country with our squad



A BBC survey has revealed that Spurs fans are the happiest in the country, when it comes to the quality of our squad.

The BBC asked fans of Premier League clubs whether they were satisfied with their squads, by placing a tick or cross for each position.

Tottenham fans proved to not have concerns over any position. At least 80% of Spurs supporters were happy with our squad options for every slot.


Six of the positions in the team received an approval rating of over 90%, with the defence particularly highly rated by our supporters. Every position in the back four and the goalkeeper, all received marks of over 93%.

The only slight concern seems to be in attack, where three positions have an approval rating of 80% – decent, but much lower than the likes of Manchester City and Manchester United scored for the same roles.

Read the full BBC article by clicking here.



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