The Mirror have reported that Erik Lamela wants to double his wages if he’s to sign a new contract with Spurs.

Already on £60,000-a-week, Lamela is reportedly holding out for a £120,000 weekly wage and a six-year deal.

If it seems unlikely that the club would sanction such a deal, don’t worry. It was only a couple of weeks ago that it was claimed that Christian Eriksen was asking for £150,000-a-week, only for the Dane to eventually sign a new contract for a reported £75,000.

Even if the mooted £120,000 is what Lamela’s advisors are asking for, it’s likely to be an opening negotiating position.

The Argentine still has three years of his current contract remaining and already earns a pretty good wage in relation to his colleagues. That means that the club have plenty of time to negotiate a new contract and that the player has no reason to be unhappy while the terms are thrashed out.

There’s also the fact that while Lamela’s form has vastly improved over the past couple of seasons, he has still yet to produce the sort of consistency that would attract the interest of the world’s top clubs.

For now Tottenham is about as good as it gets for Lamela and we’d expect the club to tie him down to a new contract sometime before next summer.



  1. Eriksen only signed an extra 2 years, which says to me he’s just improving his terms in the short term but is hoping to renegotiate soon or move. Lamela and Eriksen are key to how we play and both need to be on good contracts looking to the future. If Lamela is offering to commit a year longer than Eriksen then we should try to come to more of an agreement with him and renogiate with Eriksen until 2021 as soon as possible.

  2. Lamela is hardly worth that amount. He remains the single most irresponsible defender of the team. And part of the success he seems to be having is that he is kind of a gadfly in tactics . Others are watched and controlled by the opposition but Lamela skips around and does not seem to have to worry when the ball turns over. This makes him the most unpredictable of attacking forces.
    He has never been the most indispensable of Spurs and most likely will never be. Nor will he last much longer when Pochettino departs. Cash him in asap! Let some other team develop his talent that is to say in Spain or Italy.


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