Spurs fans unimpressed as Tom Carroll signs new contract

Spurs fans unimpressed as Tom Carroll signs new contract



Spurs fans have been celebrating a number of key players signing new contracts in recent weeks, but they were less impressed with the latest announcement.

While the news of youngster Harry Winks getting a new deal was met with positivity, Tom Carroll putting pen to paper has prompted a mix of bemusement, laughter and anger from Tottenham’s support.

The best anyone seems to be able to say is that the extension of Carroll’s contract until 2019 will mean that the club will be able to pick up a decent fee when they sell him.

Even Mauricio Pochettino couldn’t quite hide his apathy when the announcement was made…


  1. Comment:this is called football strategy,u certainly know nothing about players development,tom carroll has got soo much talent,and he proves it when given the chance, he is certainly weak, not compaired to silva,and a whole lot of others, he is a late bloomer.so u guys just stop complaining!!

  2. Carroll could be just about anything when he fills out. Theres certain parts of his game that need work but also several parts that are impressive. Who knows what he can be but AVB and Poch both seen something in Carroll and admittedly theres been times where I think he has loads of potential.

  3. get off his case he would not be at spurs if he was not good enough he is( one of our own) im sure his critics are not even talented enough clean his boots C.O.Y.S


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