Reports from France claim that Spurs are interested in signing the Lens defender Jean-Kevin Duverne.

The 19-year old has broken into the Lens team this season and has quickly caught the attention of a number of Premier League sides, with Liverpool, Southampton and Sunderland also said to be keen on the youngster.

Compared to Real Madrid’s Raphael Varane in style, Duverne certainly looks like a central defender who would fit into Tottenham’s style of play.

As you’ll see from this video of Duverne in action against Sochaux last season, he is very calm presence in the back four, alert to danger and pacy.

Duverne is comfortable on the ball, always making himself available to those in possession and has a good range of passing. Watch him in action below.



  1. I am concerned that Spurs as usual have a number of great younsters Edwards Vickers, yet these do not get an opportunity in the first team Why?? its crazy..We are playing at home yet he refuses to play two up front; it makes me ill, not only that why did he not start with Dembelle and Erisson in the first half. Against Monaco was like watching a kick about in a park on sundays, our players can’t keep the ball for long why not, so much side/back ways passes, and very slow, when we pass it long passes have to be 100% accuarate another stupid error-I regret to say this but cannot see us doing much this year… Yes I am aware we are a small club, punching above our weight, we should really finish in top 10 each year that is our position,, however leicester showed what can be achieved.. ( yes I am aware that they were not in as many competetions as we were,) but heck, why cant we be good each week.

    MP need to be careful that he does not go the way of AVB with his substitutions or first half selections, Janseen does not seem to be a good buy, what has he reslly done since his arriival, he reminds me of saldado(a real dud, what has he done on his return to spain?….we need serious players who can hold and distribute the ball with confidence and ost imortantly put the ball into the net,, we find it difficult to break teams down, because we do not have a baller who can beat people in the box, that is one of the problems, also HK, to selfish around the penalty box , needs to curb his enthuisam, just like Suarez had to do at barcelona and look how he has scored more goals because he is not selfish and now works for the team…that is what truly world class players do…… Pep and Jose are not th egreat managers they pretend to be, let them manage say a blackburn without the millions to buy players then we will see how great they are? people must stop fooling themselves about the best managers in the world etc,. in my book they are not, brian clough, bill nicolson. Haters of spurs need to know that the only silverware ever won by England were Spurs players Alf Ramsey and Glen Hoddle. they can all go …k themselves. COYS

  2. 1) youngsters – one is 17 the other 18. They are very very young in football terms.

    2) two upfront- he’s trying to settle the team to system – 4 games played!

    3) dembele not match fit

    4) small club? – sold 80k on a week night. Closest NL scum didn’t manage that.
    27k on season ticket waiting list?
    Invented the modern game…

    5) Jansen has started 1 single game. He’s looked strong when he’s come on and is rather young

    6) Kane is a lone striker not a member of a front three (normally) he’s supposed to be greedy.

    7) Blackburn won the premiership using jack walkers millions. Pep and Jose have won all major club comps. They’re pretty established.

    8) the last sentence doesn’t even make logical sense.

    I hope that explains something to anyone else.

  3. I, like everyone else, have an opinion and don’t expect it to be agreed with whole heartedly by all and sundry, but would like to say thanks to Jody for saving me from making that list. Well said.


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