Spurs drew 0-0 with Bournemouth at the weekend and it’s time to give your player ratings.

After the recent draw with West Brom, a victory could have seen Tottenham go top of the Premier League, but they found Bournemouth to be tough opponents.

Eddie Howe’s in-form side were dramatically better than in the corresponding match of last season, in which Spurs ran out as 5-1 winners.

Once again the side struggled to score goals without Harry Kane. There has now been only been one goal scored in the last three games.

Looking positively, Tottenham kept their second successive clean sheet and have only conceded four Premier League goals this season.

Give your player ratings below.

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  1. just like to know which GAME some of these people watched if any game at all because Ali,Erickson,Son,Rose were pretty poor LLoris was pretty good/average really the one save alone was worthwhile he had nothing to do which means the defence done its job defensively Up front small pitch ,lack of space 8 behind ball very little room to go any where, our normally effective full backs were ineffective simply because of that when they there was 5 across back meaning 3 marking son sometimes and space all in all the first five and the last five were theres and we had to break them down and believe me Lamala tried tried his hardest to break them down he was the one pushing the ball around he was the one probing he was the one who hit the bar and created a couple of half chances for other people and one for him self And lastly anybody who thinks Lamala 2 nd so called tackle was a foul was a bigger idiot than MOFD who were completely wrong and tried to waffle out of it Those that watched the game saw it side on the ball was a foot away from there player in line with Lamalas outstretch leg but the player went down nowhere near it the ref the other side and that rat Wilshire tried to get him sent off. Oh I forgot the REF 1point for turning up

  2. what a biased view, only an idiot would think as you do, Spurs played some good football but had no cutting edge, and whatever you say Lamels was running around like a headless chicken and was fortunate to be still on the field at the end of the match

  3. Avery very average performance. Not a team looking for any trophies – more like struggling to keep up. There will be no CL next season and out in group stages this season – unless something dramatic happens – which often doesn’t at Tottenham.
    All that possession and short passing is mere waste of time – what matters is goals and sensible efforts with goal hungry players ready to pounce…
    Sorry – we will always be below Arse!


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