Is €19m midfielder deal done?

Is €19m midfielder deal done?



Reports claim that Schalke have activated the €19m buyout clause to sign Nabil Bentaleb on a permanent basis.

The Algerian-based outlet Liberte Algerie have reported that Schalke have rushed through the deal, despite having till the summer to sign the midfielder.

Bentaleb has scored three goals in his last two appearances, which seems to have prompted Schalke into immediate action, to secure the signing of the 21-year old.

At the current exchange rate, Spurs will receive just under £17m, which is a sizeable fee for a player that totally fell out of favour under Mauricio Pochettino last season.

After making his debut under Tim Sherwood, the Algerian international became an important part of Pochettino’s team in the manager’s first season at the club, making 35 appearances. Yet this was followed by a disappointing campaign in which Bentaleb struggled to get back into the team after injury, that saw him feature in just 11 games last season.


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