Tottenham were all at sea at the back against Bayer Leverkusen in their crucial Champions League group stage clash at Wembley.

The visitors threatened to punish a series a of Spurs mistakes throughout the game, but it took until just past the hour-mark for them to make their mark.

Leverkusen opened the scoring through one of the German side’s standout players on the night, Kevin Kampl. It was nothing less than they deserved.

Here’s the goal.



  1. Hope levy is happy with extra income from Wembley should of played at the lane but we need to start scoring Sunday against sc.mnot looking forward to it

  2. Dealing first with the goal against us you can clearly see Dier wandering about in the middle of the six yard box playing Kampl onside.
    Secondly, any coach who thinks Son is his go to player in an ‘one up front formation’ clearly has lost the plot.
    Sonny is a player who feeds of opportunities, he does not create them.
    Thirdly I will not watch any game where Eriksen starts. Why? Let’s just call it déjà vu….why should I punish my liver any further?
    Fourthly I am now convinced that Pochettino and his team have no idea how to convert possession into meaningful (disruption in the final third) attack. Last season opposition teams & coaches were perhaps overawed by the amount of possession & physicality exhibited by a Tottenham team…this season they have had time to run the tapes & adjust accordingly.
    By no means am I a fan of football commentators but they are all ‘picking up’ on our team’s lack of incisiveness….there is a point beyond which excessive physical training will eat into a player’s mental reserves!


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