Give your Spurs ratings against Leverkusen

Give your Spurs ratings against Leverkusen



It’s time to give your verdict on Tottenham’s performance against Bayer Leverkusen.

Spurs lost 1-0 at Wembley, leaving the side needing to win their last two Champions League group games to ensure qualification for the knockout stages.

Based on last night’s performance, that seems a very tough call. Once again the team failed to find the net and conceded a sloppy goal to give the Germans victory.

After an evening in which no one emerged with much credit and many damaged their reputations, we’re not expecting many high scores. Give your ratings below.




  1. If they play on Sunday anything like they did last night then I think some questions need to be answered about what has happened at the club in the last month. That Spurs team were a disgrace last night.

  2. Don’t think I will be watching The game on Sunday it will be to upsetting could not stand to see Arsenal thrashing them, fill sorry for our captain the only guy how tried, He won’t be around much longer, Sissons hopefully January he goes sooner than later

  3. Why is no one rating the coach.
    It ALL started with him and his team selection and formation.
    WHY doesn’t he play his strongest team and play a formation they understand.
    As soon as I saw the team I knew we were going to be poor and lose.
    A false
    Davies instead of Rose?
    Players were not comfortable with the changes from the first whistle.
    Why does he change the team for EVERY cup game or game period?
    It’s WAY to early for rotation.
    Rotate when players are tired NOT before.
    How can you get a rhythm or aby type of form or continuity when you keep chopping and changing the team and tactics.
    Get it together Poch.
    You are OVER coaching. Trying to prove something it seems.
    We are NOT happy.
    p.s Play Nkoudou. He’s a difference maker.

    • play Nkoudou?? are you serious?? so far from what I’ve seen he can’t even take a player on & get a decent cross in … can’t help but think we screwed up by letting Pritchard go & blowing money on another flop… even wayne routledge can get a ball in FFS!!
      as for eriksen… utter pants all season & looks like a player trying to get sold…. don’t even want to talk about sissouko … my toon mate is still laughing into his brown ale about us wasting 30 mil .. shambles.. bring on the gooners..

  4. Best 3 missing = no Spine and no direction . Jansen and sissoko are waste of money ! Berbatov free agent ? What an asset he could be for a season even to bring from bench !


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