It’s not long now till Tottenham take on Chelsea and we’ve got all the vital statistics to hand thanks to our friends at Kick Off.

We start with Spurs’ recent record at Stamford Bridge, which isn’t as bad as you might remember. Though we all know that Tottenham have not won at Chelsea since 1990, there have been three draws in the last six games, which would represent a good result tonight.


When you look at the overall recent results between the teams, it becomes even more even – with one Spurs win, two Chelsea wins and three draws in the last six games.


Next we look at the form of both teams over the last ten games. As you might expect, Chelsea have far more wins, but interestingly both sides have lost the same amount of games in that time. With similar defensive records, it’s only Tottenham’s recent struggles in front of goal that has prevented the team winning more games and with Harry Kane now back, that issue could be resolved.


Now we look at the last six games in the Premier League. Chelsea have won all of theirs, but Spurs are also unbeaten.


When looking at Chelsea’s last six home games against Tottenham’s last six away trips there’s another reason to be optimistic. Chelsea have suffered defeat at home this season, while Spurs remain unbeaten.




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