Tottenham created plenty of chances against strugglers Middlesbrough at White Hart Lane, but it took a penalty kick for them to win the game.

It could and probably should have been more comfortable for the hosts, who were by far the better team for the most part.

When Heung-Min Son was fouled in the box ten minutes into the second half, Harry Kane stepped up and secured the points from the spot.

Here’s how Twitter reacted to the result and performance.



  1. Middlesbrough are a disgrace to the premier league, no intent on winnng an away game, tactically negative and no offensive intent through out, the premier league doesn’t need teams like this, have a go, attack and try to win, Watford beat arsenal, Swansea attacked m city, I hope boro go down and Leicester too as we all knew all along they are shit regardless of winning the PL, total luck, no quality,
    Good riddens to boro and there negative approach, we defended with quality and attack with quality, spurs are flying high to a fantastic future and show how it should be done,
    Boro fans were cheated out of a match of quality from there team and should demand there money back,
    Garbage team


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