Tottenham travelled to Anfield confident they could cause Liverpool problems considering the hosts’ fragile defence.

Instead it was Spurs who were taken advantage of. The visitors started poorly and quickly conceded twice — Sadio Mane grabbed both goals.

Jurgen Klopp’s side threatened to further their lead on numerous occasions but Tottenham managed to keep the score at 2-0.

Spurs showed no real urgency to get back into the game and failed to create any meaningful chances.

Here’s how Twitter reacted to the performance and result.



  1. Disgraceful performance why on earth pochetino keeps on playing a system which doesn’t work? Son and Kane both can’t play together we’ve seen it against Sunderland and Middlesbrough we’ve struggled on both games for Son his good coming from the bench

  2. Here we go again, Total rubbish from Tottenham. Same excuses from Poch. We have to start playing Janssen for a full 90 minutes either with Kane or Son up front.
    12 million pound striker still sitting on the bench, and only coming in with 10 minutes to go. We have a very bad record at Liverpool. If Poch has to rotate the squad. He should have given Janssen full 90 today, and play Kane in the Europa. If Poch doesn’t want Janssen, then sell him.

    Disgraceful performance

  3. I’m assuming that Poch told our players that Liverpool would treat this game like a cup final after there recent bad run of games?? if he did it got lost on our team today we were like rabbits in the headlights 1st half and the 2nd didn’t get much better did we even test there goalie today? he had his feet up smoking cigars all game! i have seen it a hundred times when we get pressed we don’t know how to play against it! i’m no manager but i thought the only way to play against a press is to pass quickly and not dither on the ball, one two’s and get forward quickly so as not get caught with the ball by 2 or 3 players that are on you, we just played into there hands as we were to slow and got robbed of possession time after time it was embarrassing, feel sorry for Davies he had no protection at left back and got roasted untold times, we are always short of where we want to be and i think we miss a game changer or two, gutted but look at our net spend and where we are sitting in the league and i have to say it is a miracle…Coys!

  4. At this rate sissoko gonna walk into the team,when’s this dembele gonna become great,the midfield been wrong all season we need dier there ,

  5. Have to agree. Every time we’ve performed well and the media hype starts we very quickly unravel. The experience, composure and maturity are lacking in this squad, which is still very youthful and promising, but we desperately need depth. We’ve got the weakest squad in the top 6 but we’re still performing very well overall. I just can’t see how we’re going to progress without spending.

  6. I fear that this is the start of a bad run.Dier has been awful all season having been our best player the previous.Janssen, Sissoko and N’ Koudou:£60M down the drain.Dembele who should have joined on a free last summer , now valued at£40M.Pathetic; somethings at Spurs never change.


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