When Tottenham fell apart at the end of last season, some pundits blamed Mauricio Pochettino for allowing his squad to burn out.

The Argentine is known to put emphasis on fitness, and that intensity can sometimes result in players becoming tired at the tail end of the season.

But Kyle Walker has revealed a number of changes in training have given Spurs a better chance in this season’s run-in.

Speaking to Sky Sports, Walker revealed Pochettino has “made a few tweaks which I think has helped us [the players] recover a lot faster.”

Walker added: “He’s cut down on some of the training sessions, we don’t train every day now, and with the intensity of the training sessions as well, he might not demand as much as he used to.

“He’s a great manager, he thinks about us as players and individuals. We’re quite happy to go and voice our opinion. If we’re a bit tired he says, ‘okay today is a bit of a down-day for you’.

In his pre-Gent press conference, Pochettino labelled Walker’s claims as “his perception” and noted the right-back has missed a few sessions of late.

It’s also worth remembering quotes are often taken out of context — Walker appeared to clear up any confusion about his training level with the below tweet.

Regardless, it seems Pochettino and Spurs are making strides to avoid another poor end to the season with the club still fighting in three separate competitions.



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