Squawka has produced some analysis on Tottenham’s fear-inducing attack that is worth your time. Their task was to find out who Spurs’ most impactful player is in the final third.

The results are conclusive — Christian Eriksen tops almost all of the stats tables when it comes to Tottenham’s attackers.

In the Spurs’ Premier League games this season, Eriksen has produced: the most crosses in the final third (34); the most chances created in the final third (67); the most passes in the final third (434); the most through balls in the final third (3); and the most assists in the final third (9).

Surprisingly, Eriksen has also produced the most tackles in the final third (5, level with Victor Wanyama and Mousa Dembele).

Elsewhere, Heung-Min Son has produced the most take-ons in the final third (26), while Harry Kane has obviously scored the most goals in the final third (19).

Some will say Kane’s goal tally makes him the team’s most important attacking player, but the fact Eriksen leads the way in almost every category makes a case for the Dane.



  1. Actually Son is the most underrated one. If these stats are adjusted for per minute appearances I’m not surprised if son comes up top!

  2. HAHAH Really?? Lets get serious here ,and take a look at this statement. Produces the most crosses in the final third, WELL YEAH HE TAKES 95% of the corners. Produces most through balls in the final third I would Imagine so he take the most free kicks. Produces does not equate to most successful. He has also produced the largest number of missed free kicks at goal known to man !!!!! But that doesn’t count???. He has also produced by far the most avoided challenges on average of any player than perhaps Bentley. Chances created for everyone out there, by definition is the last player to touch the ball or pass, flick, cross the ball, that results in attempt at goal. Not one that ends up on target or forces a save. Misleading. Well well, his odds are immediately going to be massively in his favor as he takes all the corners and free kicks. Reality is that anyone who really watches game in and game out knows that he will enjoy his football when the opponent is usually crap or not physical. 0 for 131 last free kick attempts on goal.!!!!! Has played four half decent games and shocker Against Hull , Swansea, Stoke and Sunderland. I wish he was this guy that the stubborn attest he is but this article is a joke.

    • With Squaka, fee-kicks & corners aren’t counted as passes or crosses & therefore don’t affect the accuracy figures quoted – Basically that means Eriksen’s high percentages arise from free play.
      Sorry, but the unpalatable truth may be that Eriksen is actually . . . very good. Me, Poch, Conte & Klopp seem to think so, but what do we know??


  3. Ooops, Andrew, got a reply to that? He’s not supposed to be a spoiler, but a creator, even if he actually does tackle. You want 11 diers on the pitch?

  4. Yes i do have a reply and have read the Squaka definitions, I am mistaken that corners are free kicks are not counted as a pass and therefore until further explanation and stats showing corner accuracy which opta and squaka always claim they keep separate I will accept that. So does the term” produce” then automatically mean successful. or just that it was attempted ?? So what is that number of crosses” produced” made in the final saying exactly?? That it went to a Spurs player and created a chance or he produced the most crosses but half of them went to the opposition. I did not see the term most accurate in the article above. And next time you are talking with Klopp or Conte ask them if they would have Eriksen would you??And tell Jurgen I say Hi


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