Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola is interested in signing Tottenham’s Dele Alli this summer, according to former Barcelona midfielder Xavi.

Xavi was speaking to The Sun when he revealed his former manager is a fan of Alli.

“I speak with Pep and I know he thinks it is important to sign English players,” said the 37-year-old. “At the moment the best English player — and also one of the best in Europe — is Dele Alli. We are looking at a very special player.

“Technically he is the sort of player that Pep likes, the sort of player that suits the style of game that Pep likes to play.”

Xavi added: “I am sure Tottenham will not want to let him go but we know Manchester City have big resources.

“I am sure in the summer he will look across Europe for players but I also expect him to look in the Premier League.”

There’s no concrete confirmation that Guardiola told Xavi that Manchester City will make a move for Alli. But all of Europe’s biggest clubs are likely to be keen on signing the 21-year-old.

It will almost definitely take a world record bid for Spurs to part ways with Alli this summer, and even that might not be enough.



  1. Now you muppets or there have to ask yourselves this question. Why would Xavi go out of his way to contact the Sun so called newspaper to tell them that his good mate and former boss at Barcelona is a real big fan of Dele Alli and is lining up a mega fee for him this Summer? Don’t you people get it yet? Those turds at the Sun contacted Xavi and asked him if Pep would be interested in buying Alli and the obvious answers would be yes of course. What other answer would he give? There’s your story line. Tomorrow it’ll be another Deli Alli story. And in the Summer, all Spurs players would have been sold off, Pochettino leaves for Spain and the club closed down.


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