Toby Alderweireld has insisted on pay parity with top earner Harry Kane if he is to stay with Tottenham, according to The Daily Mail.

The report suggests Alderweireld, who currently earns around £50,000-a-week, is demanding wages of £110,000-a-week, the same as Kane.

Kane signed a new contract with Spurs earlier this season, becoming the club’s highest earner in the process. Hugo Lloris’ latest deal is also thought to be worth in excess of £100,000-a-week.

Alderweireld obviously rates himself as one of the club’s best players and most Tottenham fans feel the same way. There has been uncertainty surrounding the Belgian’s new contract ever since talks reportedly commenced late last year.

A tricky release clause has provoked talk of a premature exit. Although the clause has been proven to be inactive, Alderweireld has reportedly asked for a fresh clause to be included in his new deal.

Hopefully the club and the player can come to an agreement sooner rather than later to avoid further speculation about the 28-year-old’s immediate future.



  1. Pay it, would cost more in transfer fees and wages to replace him, and who out there is available and as good as Toby?

  2. If we aspire to be a top club then we’ll have to pay top wages to keep and attract top players,surely that’s a no brainer

  3. Toby is one of the best player in spurs team pay him £100,00 he is worth it what would it cost to replace him

  4. Many,many sources have commented on Alderweireld being one of the best if not the best central defender in the PL. For that he is a valuable asset and certainly worth paying to keep. As you would pay a world class attaker you would equally pay a world class defender top wages. I do not like the idea of paying top marks and providing a release clause. Top wages for me would require complete commitment no release clause. The risk should be shared by both partners. Club and player. I also wish for Alderweireld to be team Captain.


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