Mauricio Pochettino has revealed Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy is the most important person at the club.

The Spurs boss was speaking at his pre-West Ham press conference when he spoke about Levy’s credentials, as relayed by Dan Kilpatrick at ESPN.

He said: “Daniel is the first person interested when it’s all going well and when it’s not going well he’s the first person to try to find solutions because he’s the most important person at the club.

“If we are not doing well and the results are not good, then maybe Daniel will not be happy and will be tired with my face and say ‘go home!’ But I understand.

“The perception is real. He is so tough, he is hard. He is a chairman and it’s not easy to manage this size of club. If you are a soft person, it would be so difficult to manage, so difficult to succeed.”

Pochettino went on to speak about Levy’s response to the 5-1 collapse at Newcastle on the final day of last season.

“His reaction was so supportive. It was very good. And when the people behave in this way, it’s always important to recognise it. It’s easy for him to blame me or the team, but he was very supportive.

“He is my boss, it was difficult. I know him and he knows me, too. I was so upset and he gave me a few days — no messages, no calls — and then he came, face-to-face, and we could speak. And we could talk about what had happened.

“He was supportive. He said to me, ‘I know very well that you are so upset.’ And that is why I don’t want to disturb you. But now we can speak because now, after two days, we are a little bit more relaxed. It was good.”

You can read the full quotes here.



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