Tottenham play their last ever match at White Hart Lane against Manchester United on Sunday, and it’s sure to be an emotional occasion.

Various club legends have been invited to join the fans in officially bidding farewell to Spurs’ historic home. The hosts can seal second place in the Premier League with a point, but everyone will be hoping for a win on what should be a memorable day.

But enough about the present — the imminent relocation has allowed supporters to look back at their favourite White Hart Lane memories from the past.

Tottenham fan and YouTube user MPH1982 has put together an excellent tribute video to the famous old stadium. You can watch it below.



  1. Does anyone else remember the children’s stand area in the 50’s. Dad would drop us off there and then go and find his seat. I also remember being passed down to the front of the crowd over people’s heads. The days wen a father could safely leave his son to be taken over by strangers. We would then wait by the front until our dad came to find us. Great days, great memories, when football was for the normal working class spectator and you did not need to be wealthy to support your club. Walking through Bruce Castle Park with thousands of happy, chanting fellow Spurs fans was exhilarating to a young boy.

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