Inter Milan want to appoint Mauricio Pochettino as their new manager this summer, according to Sky in Italy.

The reports claims Inter sporting director Piero Ausilio is flying to London this week to hold talks over a possible move for Pochettino.

Sky also suggests the Serie A club will be able to buy the Argentine out of his Spurs contract for just £4.2 million. Inter are willing to pay Pochettino £8.5 million-a-year — far more than he earns at Tottenham.

The Spurs boss signed a new contract last May and is tied down until the summer of 2021. This is the first report of any kind of release clause, so there’s every chance it’s mere speculation.

In truth, the entire report has a speculative feel to it. Pochettino is believed to be happy at Tottenham and is looking forward to managing the transition to the new stadium.

Of course Europe’s top clubs will be looking at Pochettino after his fine work at Spurs, but that doesn’t mean he will jump ship at the first opportunity.




  1. Surely Levy would have had a 42million clause rather than what is being muted. We need to keep our players but I can not stress that we need to keep Kevin Wimmer and transform him into a left sided defensive midfield player as he has a sweet left foot powerful and can pick a pass.

  2. Any report coming out of Italy is speculative bullshit at best and will continue to be for the foreseeable future. Unfortunately, the same applies to certain low class rags in the UK as well, most notably from the daily star, sun and the mirror. The blogs/sheep just cut and paste stories instead of questioning the authenticity and motive. I guess it’s simply for clicks.

  3. Yes, because it’s a well known fact that Levy always allows release clauses in his contracts… Oh, hang on no, it’s actually a very well known fact that he never agrees to them.

    Sky are just in meltdown, cos their beloved big 4 party has been trampled on and there’s a new daddy on the block. However much they want to return to purring while Man U and Arsenal are rammed down our throats every super sunday – the showa is over. Pop tarts calling us bottlers for losing one game in 3 months just leads to the exodus of people to Kodi. Murdoch can GTF.

  4. No way on earth would Levy tie down MP for a lousy £4.2 million he aint that daft , but you can`t stop xxxxx from floating .


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