The Times has revealed Tottenham offer the best value for the money in the Premier League, placing Mauricio Pochettino’s side at the top of a table that displays points per £1 million spent on wages.

The rankings show Spurs spent £104.6 million on wages during the 2015-16 campaign. Subsequently, the club has paid £1.30 million per point earned this season.

Bournemouth are second best, spending £1.32 million per point, while Everton rank third as a result of spending £1.38 million per point.

Tottenham put the rest of the top six to shame: Chelsea spend £2.56 million per point; Manchester City £2.74m; Arsenal £2.83m; and Liverpool £2.85m.

All the way at the bottle of the rankings, Manchester United spend £3.57 million per point.

These stats Spurs are hugely overachieving under Pochettino. Of course, Chelsea fans will tell you a different table matters more.

If the new stadium brings in improved revenue, there’s no reason Tottenham can’t gradually expand their wage structure in a bid to win silverware.



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